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  1. I remvoed the ihs from my 4400+ perfectly, or so i hoped. Now when i start it up it shuts down automatically after .5seconsd
  2. I just installed a new processer 4400+. Excep twhen i power it on it just stays on wont post and the core doesnt get hot.
  3. sorry no one visits the modification section
  4. now it stays on but wo nt post and the core doesnt get hot
  5. Acutallly might not be the heat i put in the other chip in by accident. The one that isnt craped up takes like a total of 2 seconds to power up and shut down bu ttime powered on is a split second
  6. It was heat... it turned on for like 7 seconds then shut off but the the core is only like 1mm thick its hard to get thewaterblock on straight thought i .e dup my proccesor
  7. oooooo so i might be heat? its not like 5 seconds its like 2. would the contact be the problem
  8. The other chip the I .e up would stay on but owouldnt post. THis seems like a shorting problem. So i have to sort this out before i seep if i cut anything
  9. But it sees like the thermal paste is stuck inbetweensmall wires can i drop it in a glass of paint thinner hten dry it off real good? So I probably didnt cut any wires? Or you dont know?
  10. Just removed the IHS off my 4400+ think I did it correctly all of the parts on the inside did not look scratched or cut. Then placed it in my computer mounted the water cooling nad trie dto turn it on... it turned off after 5 second, tried again, did it again, it kept happening so i took it out and saw some thermall paste on the wires, is that the problem, or did i cut one of the wires. If it is the thermal paste whats the safest way to get it off, its clogged inbetween the wires, dont know If i have anything small enough to pick it out?
  11. Theoretically it can be done right? with the right cooling + settings?
  12. But what about people who overclock their . to like 7 ghz? Same principle?
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