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  1. Ivan OS

    Opteron 146 IHS removal results

    Without IHS on Opteron 148: not possible before, huge temps drop
  2. Ivan OS

    What the crap is "idecoi.dll"

    7.5 not 7.1 my bad.
  3. Ivan OS

    What the crap is "idecoi.dll"

    Bad media or hardware instability. Download Tmods Bios cd 7.1 There you have Prime,something that was good on old Bios may not be on new one....
  4. Ivan OS

    X2 or Opty??

    stepping please?
  5. Ivan OS

    3700+ bottlenecking the 7800GTX ?

    Opteron 165 would not be better for gaming like the one more GB of RAM will do. Your 3700+ is enough for GTX-Just clock it to 2600-2800 Mhz.
  6. Ivan OS

    Which is the Better CPU

    FX55 has a unlocked multplier.More options for clocking... But,it is far better to buy Opteron 165 (dualcore) for less money...
  7. I had to RMA my board and recieved new one but revision AE1 What is the difference?:confused:
  8. I am yelaous now! Congratulations! This is the best Opteron dualcore i have seen till now...
  9. Post it please and where did you buy your Opteron?In Germany?Which store?
  10. What is the cheapest but secure delivery(Opteron 165) from US to Croatia?
  11. Ivan OS

    3Ghz Opteron Destroyed -

    Just install Windows with that Opteron 144 you mentioned and than replace CPU and forget it.
  12. Ivan OS

    Swap x2 4400 for opty 165 CCBBE Stepping??

  13. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819103588 I have bought from ebay,Opteron 165 CCBBE 0617 FPMW 159,99 + 19,99 shiping...hope that was not a mistake. Planned to buy Opteron 170 but nowhere to find and Newegg just dropped price from 229,99 to 192,99 Bummer!
  14. Ivan OS

    Opty 165 $100.00 Canadian?

    Do they ship to USA?