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  1. Any ideas when this board will be out ?
  2. ..and still no word as to what the out come of this ram is ..we havent seen anyone from Mushkin on the forums at all since they first come in
  3. Hi yep they are an old established company and you would think that there would look after its end user's a bit better though. We have had a response from the Asia Pacific CEO of Mushkin. Now the problem isn’t that people are unhappy because you cant over clock this ram ( We knew before we brought it that it’s not for over clocking ) But you do expect it to run at 1T and this is from the Mushkin support forums by a Mushkin Tech And I also understand that not "every" motherboard will be able to run 1T But the problem is that with motherboards that have been known to run Mushkin memory (including the EM’s) cannot run this stuff that was sent over at 1T and I know that previous EM's that have been able to do this for sure Also some uses don’t have the ability to change there command rate in the bios, so they are really left hanging You can’t sweep this many users under the carpet Edit..They have offered to replace with more EM's but im abit like once bitten twice shy
  4. Mushkin are not to the good books with alot of ppl down under atm ..They seem to be sending crappy chips out ( in the EM's at least ) and I don’t think I would be looking at mushkin again after the mushkin massacre down under ..And it seems they have left us high and dry so it seems for the moment , but at least ANOTHER Ram manufacture is helping out over 200 kits of EM that wont do 1T :mad: http://www.nindeals.com.au/showthread.php?t=417 http://www.nindeals.com.au/showthread.php?t=255
  5. Hi ..I just brought 3 RS842 Infinity mother boards ..I hooked the first one up and flash it to the latest bios and in smart guardian it reports my X2 3800 temp as 44c idle ( everything at stock )..Before this I had the X2 on a Ultra D and the temp was around the 30c mark . I swapped the X2 for a 3200 Venice and its temp was the same. After this I built one of the other systems with one of the other RS842 boards and its reporting it at 32c ..I have tried reflashing it back to the bios it came with to no good , still reports about 44c Does this mine the first board has a bad temp sensor on it ? and if so can this be RMAed because of this ? or can anything be done about it Thanks
  6. PÿRÓ

    The ULTIMATE MBM 5 Settings/Help Thread

    yea to doesn't seem to have any sensors to pick from in MBM at all
  7. PÿRÓ

    The ULTIMATE MBM 5 Settings/Help Thread

    HI ..without reading almost 100 pages ..does anyone know if MBM works with the DFI RS482 Infinity board ?
  8. PÿRÓ

    Which Case?

    TT Black Armor as in my sign
  9. yep im also interested in how this board goes ...got a case picked out already =) http://asia.aopen.com.tw/products/housing/G325.htm edit ..does the Cpu Vcore only go upto 1.55v ?
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    My new system

    i wouldnt be ..as ive posted before ..Ocing your ram or running tight timings do very little to nothing on Athlon64's ( in the real world ) have a read http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...t=memory+timing http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/03/31/tig...ck_frequencies/ http://techreport.com/etc/2005q4/mem-latency/index.x?pg=1 http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2548&p=1 http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticl...313&articID=325
  11. So which is the best Bios for the Ultra D ?
  12. PÿRÓ

    hard drives & raid - benchmark and compare!

    which is why i asked for one ( the new Raptor will do about 75mb/s ..85 i think if you use the windows xp benchmark program) i have a WD 200gig Sata2 drive and its about 55mb/s
  13. PÿRÓ

    hard drives & raid - benchmark and compare!

    90Mb/s on a WD 250gig .. you got a screen shot of that ? and one for this ? ..i dont mean to doubt you but 95mb/s on that drive Btw ppls ..the two programs you are using are not the best ..HDtach being the better one .. also for ppl running Raid arrays the "real" world performance is obtained with a stripe size of 64k ..Raid5 smaller is probably better the things that affect performance the most firmware drive speed ..RPM access times STR and the interface just some info for you
  14. PÿRÓ

    hard drives & raid - benchmark and compare!

    burst speed means 0 ..go by avg read/write (STR) speeds only