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  1. I don't ever recall saying "good." But in my build I'm responsible for my own tech support and dealing with any (large) number of separate vendors/manufacturers for repair, replacement, etc. Dell consumers are paying to avoid that responsibility, regardless of how inept that support may actually be. There's a LOT of folks out there that would be completely lost without a tech support # they feel they can rely on.
  2. You might also keep in mind, given the responses you'll receive, the group that you've asked. I believe every single one of us will say "build." But there are some advantages to buying. Single contact for warranty, tech support, etc. But building will likely get you more of exactly what you want and a better price, but you are the system builder and provider of your own tech support (other than nice places like DFI Street, handful of vendors, etc.). But it is very satisfying to DIY.
  3. Cool, thanks for the reply.
  4. I'm looking at that and the Lite-On drive. I'm just concerned about whether I'll have any difficulty booting to the drive: Windows install/repari, BartPE (SUPER important to me to keep that functionality, although it may only take integrating a new driver), etc.
  5. Anyone having any issues installing Windows, etc. from a SATA DVD drive? Any software incompatibilities (Nero, etc.)? I went looking for the NEC 3550A on Newegg, and it's been out of stock for a few weeks and when I checked today it's not listed at all. Thinking my upcoming Core 2 Duo (where are you DFI 680i? ) build may be a good point to make the switch, assuming there aren't any dealbreakers.
  6. Hey, THunDA... how 'bout moving all those annoying windows out of the way for a peek at the desktop? :nod: Just kidding. Great review!
  7. Wow, amazing price for a card that might fill in for somebody until DX10 hardware matures/proliferates. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814143049
  8. I own 2 Starmate Replays (ST2), one in my car and one in my wife's. They've been very good, although I do not use the FM transmitter (because of FM interference) in favor of running it straight into the car stereo (sounds MUCH cleaner that way). I know you can buy a boombox that fits the Starmate so that you can use it at home or in the car. I think you can get a $30 MIR at the moment. I bought mine at Crutchfield, but they're pretty similarly priced everywhere I looked. I know some folks will argue about paying for radio, but I will NEVER go back. No more commercials or annoying drive-time DJ chatter. Tons of exactly the music I want to hear or am in the mood for. Worth every penny.
  9. Appreciate it, Happy. Will likely wait out the DFI 680i board, so will likely match it with the 2x1GB Platinum Rev.2 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...82E16820227139). Thanks again for the input.
  10. Definitely. Not worth dropping that kind of $ on a card without a decent monitor. Plus, you'll never hit the resolutions that card is capable of.
  11. So I've been away for a bit but am hoping you fine folks can give me some input on OCZ RAM. I've always loved their products and support, so I try to do business with them whenever I can. However, I have seen a number of articles about difficulty they've had recently with their RAM with SPDs, MB compatibility, etc. I'd like to pick up a 2x1 GB DDR2-800 kit, but is OCZ still the way to go? And it looks like they've got Gold, Platinum, Platinum Rev. 2... any favorites here on the Street? (I'll be overclocking but nothing extreme.) On the other hand, it appears the Corsair XMS2 CL4 & CL5 kits are getting rave reviews all over the place... Appreciate it guys, and happy holidays.
  12. If you're anything like me, you'll also find that a larger university can offer a lot of other activities a small school can't. Competitive athletics (school teams), intramurals, fraternities and sororities, concerts, school clubs, etc., etc. Of course, this also depends on the size of the school (my school was 20,000+), not to mention how important the social aspect of school is to you. For me, looking back, it was as important as the education I received. I made the best friends of my life during those 4 years. I guess I just really believe that a larger school has more to offer, more to get involved in, and a lot more options to expand your horizons. But that's just my experience...
  13. I've got a really nice CH CombatStick, but it's got a gameport connection, and good luck finding that on a new PC these days. Looks like a couple of good Saitek options at Newegg.
  14. By the way, what HOTAS are you guys using?
  15. I've not played any flight sims since Falcon 4.0 (and its community provided super packs), but this one's got me interested again. Plus, this option's much more inexpensive and safe. I about went broke with just 20 hours of flight instruction, and accidents like today's in NY provide a reminder of how quickly things can go wrong.
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