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  1. ok done. Still 3 red leds on and pc doesnt start :sad: might the cpu be broken?
  2. thanks for the reply. I did exactely as you said: at the first start the pc stopped with 1 red led ON, so i restarted and this time 3 red leds were ON as before. Tried again, still 3 red leds ON and pc doesnt start :confused: ideas?
  3. Pratically my pc doesnt start anymore, damn . Strange because just some hours before it was working fine. So i checked the diagnostic leds on the mobo and i noticed that it stops with 3 leds still bright. I suppose those diagnostic leds must be all turned off if it's working fine, am i right? i checked the manual but it's not very clear about this. When 3 leds are still on means the cpu or ram have problems? right now im here with n old pentium II... hope it's nothing serious...i dont understand whats not working, help plz
  4. ok i solved the problem by integrating the drivers in the Legacy folder of the nforce drivers for vista as the guide suggests. Now running raid0, thx all for the help.
  5. my 2x512mb of ballistix went faulty today, i couldnt extract any archive and had random crashes all of a sudden, thing never happened before. I was running them at only 2.8 volt and with a fan always blowing over them. This sucks. Thank god i had a pair of old corsair around...
  6. well ok thanks i think this at the nliteos forum is a good guide to properly include the drivers in the cd since it doesnt seem to work integrating them in a normal way(i already tried it): http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...&st=0&p=356029& and now im gonna try this method later...
  7. ok. now i have the hds plugged in the nvidia controller, i downloaded the nforce driver v.6.88, made a floppy and tried yet again to install xp. Fortunately this time windows recognised the 2 hds as a single one, and that's good. So i create a partition, then format it but then when windows start copying the files in the partition it asks again for the drivers file, nvraid.sys etc etc... i tried also attaching the hds in the silicon controller, made an harray, create a floppy with the right drivers but when windows partitioner comes up it's written "cannot access this drive". I dont kow what am i doing wrong and i dont know what to do next. :confused: any help? thanks
  8. hmmm well now i made the signature, i chosed in the option to display it but i dont see it, omg today its going all wrong...till i saw show your signature thingy eheh. Ah yes i pressed F10, and i created the harray. Hmmm now i'll check where are the nvraid ports then, thx edit i cannot see my signature : edit2: alright i had to go advanced edit3: ok now i've understood which are the port supported by nforce4, so yes my hd are attached to those port.
  9. i enabled the raid in the bios in integrated peripherals/raid config if this is the right option. The hds are attached to the sil3114 i think, but do i have to change...right? ah i didnt know gotta find where i have to attach them then. No i didnt press F, but you mean while in the bios? and ok im downloading the latest driver from the nvidia site then, i had the com a bit messed up so i had to use the driver from the cd. And sry for the sugnature now i fix it. Thx for the help also.
  10. hi, i have a Lanparty Sli-Dr(sil3114) and two identical maxtor hard drives so im trying to configure a raid0, but im having some troubles. So first i tried to configure the bios, i enabled raid for the sata disk and then also in the sil1314 option (tried various settings), then i made the harry by clicking F10 during startup, i chosed striping and the two hd and i made em bootable. So after i made my nice floppy with the nvraid drivers i inserted the cdrom and pressed F6. Ok i chosed both raid and storage driver and enter...then when the windows partitioner comes up i still see 2 hds :confused: and even if i let go on the installation it still ask for the nvraid drivers and it gives me the error:"setup cannot copy nvraidid.sys" and i tried also to change floppy but still the same error. I tried also to use the silicon image utility but when i press ctrl+s it gives this error: "no device detected, utility disabled." Obviously the two sata hd are attached and working(im using them right now) so wtf. I also tried to use a floppy with the silicon raid drivers but still it doesnt work. After this i tried vasious floppy, various xp cd, various bios settings but still no way to make a damn raid0. Btw i read also this guide http://www.aoaforums.com/frontpage/index.p...ask=view&id=292 so i think i did it right, and i downloaded the nvraid drivers also from there. What am i doing wrong? plz help guys im going crazy :confused:
  11. hi Sharp, can you post your actual bios timings please? ...so i can use them as start point for my tweaking. I've also placed a fan right above the ram, i hope they will last long enough. Thanks
  12. ah ok ok problem solved. The problem was raspppoe, i've already unistalled it before, but it seems not properly(damn)...now it's properly unistalled and the lan is working fine... thank you all for your help cya!
  13. thanks for reply i have disabled the marvell nic by bios so i can concentrate on the nvidia one...but i have the same problem as before it says "the cable is disconnected" but its not! the prove is that im here writing this with the same cable, but with a zyxel eth modem...damn p.s. the cable is crossed of course...cisco soho 77 needs a crossed one too...right?
  14. im using a cisco router. I've assigned to the router ethernet port the address and subnet mask in the router configuration in its console. In the pc i have assigned the address, same subnet mask as the router and gateway (router ip of course) but windows connection says to me: "disconnected cable" with a red cross on it. The cable works perfectly coz im using it right now to write this post with a normal ethernet modem...what can i do? :confused: is it a driver problem? im getting crazy...help plz
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