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  1. . i cant belive... my venice on k8n = not work venice's friend on my dfi = not work venice's friend, with his mobo and memory and my psu and my vga = NOT WORK! WTF?!?!?! my psu? my vga?!?! im pissed!
  2. Well... I got with a friend today, an MSI k8n nf4 and another venice 3200+ (both working 100%) here, i will test now my venice with k8n, and the other venice in my mobo... lets see what happens... i will post! ty guys!
  3. Yeah i already tried that, removed from case and same problem... Today i will test my venice in another mobo (another dfi ultra-d), and lets see if is my cpu the problem.... I think that the problem is the bios that is not working with venice (E3).
  4. i know yesterday i posted my config, and i have the same problem as Hymn. But i didnt find my post here! by the way, my psu is a seventeam 420w, and its 24pin
  5. what should we do guys? :/ godamnit!
  6. Hiya, i have the same problem (4 leds on)... just bought this system 3 days ago: dfi lp ut nf4 ultra-d, 3200+ venice, a pair of corsair tccd, xfx 6600gt, and a seventeam 420w psu. I cant boot up, it seems like no cpu is plugged... and i'am thinking that the problem is the bios that dont support venice. But i dont have other processor to test... i just need a winnie for boot up and update my bios, so i can test my venice....
  7. how? i have only the venice here...
  8. Hi there, i have the same problem (4 red leds on...), but my equip is dfi lp ut nf4 ultra-d, 3200+ venice, and one stick of ram (corsair tccd)... I'm thinking about bios not working with venice... and i don't have a winnie for test... t.t ps: vga xfx6600gt. ps2: mobo rev AB0.