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  1. Let me tell you all a story about SeaSonic and their Customer Service. I Purchased a Seasonic S12-600 Power supply several months ago. I had an occasional startup problem that would occur where I would hit the power button on my PC and nothing would happen. I would have to go thru the following procedure to start it. 1) shut power switch off on power supply 2) remove the power cord from power supply 3) replace power cord in power supply 4) turn power switch back on Then the pc will start just fine. I Purchased a new case (Needed one anyways) and the problem continued. I contacted Seasonic via email and they wrote the following. "From our engineers recent comment: In the past months, Seasonic USA office has noticed many compatibility issues between the S12 500/600 & DFI M/B. After many case studies, the issue may arise from the M/B not consuming enough current on the 12V rail to surpass the minimum load requirement of the power supply and thereby leading to start up problems by the power supply / main-board combination. We have been to DFI Taiwan HQ and made these tests and found that our power supplies are within Intel specifications. It is not for sure that every m/b will have start up problems with our power supplies as analog devices?" Now I start the true meaning of this article. I received an answer to my original message within 1 hour (not days, or weeks) They sent me an RMA sheet within that hour, and I returned it. I told them that I did not want to be without a Power Supply for a week going thru this RMA product. They said no problem, They shipped out the new power supply (New Revision) one the SAME DAY, and told me to pack up my current one and return it to them after I install the new one. This is what I consider Customer Support, There was no BS, and putting the blame on other parts, they stood behind their product 100%, and offered a replacement that is convenient to me. I will definitely purchase another Seasonic product and recommend them to anyone who cares to listen to me. I am a manufacturing engineer, and I understand that problems can happen in production, and I have no ill feeling towards them for having had this problem in the first place, and I applaud them for there honesty and integrity
  2. First of all let it be known that this is my first venture into overclocking, I have read the wonderful article "The Definitive DFI A64 Overclocking Guide" and pretty much followed it step by step. I first found the Max of my CPU which happens to be about 2750MHZ, so I backed it down to 2700MHZ, just because I am a chicken. Secondly I searched for the max speed of my RAM and I stopped at 300MHZ (DDR600) and I had yet to get any problem after booting into windows and running prime 95 for 8.5 Hours. I am attaching some screenshots I have taken and please let me know if there are any area I should be concerned about (IE possibly damaging components) Also please let me know if my 3D mark score looks ok, I compare it against some otheres and it ooks low but against others it looks fine. the biggest drop off i see is the actual video card frame rates, and I am not sure why. Any time you spend is greatly appreciated.
  3. I am reformatting my system LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR Do you all recommend using the Nvidia raid function or the Silicon Image 3114 I plan on using 2 160GB Drives in a mirrored array And why
  4. I am also running the X2 3800 Processor. I am not having the problem you are with choppy playback though. I am currently playing Battlefield 2 and Black Hawk Down without any problems at all. Are you sure it is not a video card or Video Driver issue. Have you updated your video drivers recently? I had a similiar problem a while back when I was using a 3500+ processor and it ended up being a driver issue for my 6800GT video card, all I did was uninstall the current driver and reinstall it.
  5. Blitz

    My new Rig

    Don,t know why but the wish list works for me. Isn,t money always an object? :sad: The Products in question are Processor Choice #1 Processor Choice #2 Memory Choice #1 Memory Choice #2 Mother board I plan on Using Motherboard
  6. As you can see by my sig, that my system is not too old. I will be giving that system to my wife, and building a new one for myself. I will be using this system for Gaming (Battlefield 2 and Delta Force Black Hawk Down) and also some 3D Cad applications and Office applications. The recommendations I am looking for are on the memory and CPU. And Possibly if you think I should use a different board. I have never used a DFI board in a build before, and I am going to look into overclocking this new one to see what it can do. As well as I am new to the overclocking area, but not new to building Pc’s. I am not an expert at all the bios setting either (Hell this forum is the reason I am purchasing a DFI board, besides all the good reviews) So if you could please take a minute to go over my wish list at newegg. And let me know your thoughts it would be appreciated. Please feel free to suggest something else that I have not listed either. Blitz's wish list The video card I will be using is the 7800GTX. Thanks for your time
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