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  1. you have to dissasemble the blocks to ensure that the mold is gone. once disassembled, soak them in vinegar (take out the rubber seals) then rub them down w/ketchup. Clean them with a toothbrush. For the rad- let the vinegar sit inside it for about 6 hours, flush with distilled. Put some more vinegar inside, then flush again. Repeat the process until the vinegar comes out clean. The tubing you should throw out and get new. If you really dont want to disassemble the blocks, then run vinegar through them. However, this might be a problem as you have mold growing on them not just deposits. I would just disassemble the blocks.
  2. any pa rad from thermochill is better than the black ice versions. pa for tha win.
  3. For that much money you can put together something much better and just as quiet.
  4. the higher multi on the 6400 is worth the 30 bucks IMHO.
  5. I use yates. Never been happier and I have tried a whole rack of fans. Vey quiet. Most importantly, they have nice static pressure. Static pressure is important b/c it shows how well a fan blows through something (i.e. a rad).
  6. Go to your bios and set the cpu shutdown temp to something you are comfortable with. GPUs generally tolerate more heat than CPU's so you can set your shut down temperature for the CPU and it will kill the computer before your GPU is fried.
  7. Anyone know of good comfortable gaming headphones that are wireless? Usually after wearing them for a couple of hours my ears and head start to hurt from the pressure of the headphones. I hate that. BTW they dont have to be wireless but my girlfriend wants to buy some for christmas and she doesnt know what she is doing. Honestly, I dont know anything about them either.
  8. I am using rivatuner to overclock two 7900gt's. My question is whether the overclocked settings will be applied to both cards, or if I have to do something to overclock each individual card? Thanks.
  9. I just ordered some coolsleeves too. If that doesnt fix it, I will dump everything and just buy a conroe rig.
  10. Still pretty satisfied with it. I just wanted to get more out of 3800 b/c I only got it up to 250x10 with a really expensive watercooling setup.
  11. I am wondering whether I should upgrade to conroe. This would require me to sell my CPU, motherboard, and memory. Due to the shortage of DDR and the availability of good deals on the internet, the only expense would really come down to the CPU as the other components will even out in price. However, the really intriguing question is whether I should sell both of my 7900gt's and just go with a single card for now. I am pretty sure I can get close to 350 for both cards. This would mean I could purchase an ati x1900xt or 7900gto, assuming they ever get back in stock and it would help put $100 towards the new CPU. Thus, would I obtain better performance, and future proof the computer for the next 12-18 months if I take these steps now, or should I bite a bigger bullet in the future and wait another 12-18 months to upgrade? Thanks.
  12. I just ordered some thinner wall masterkleer. That stuff is pretty cheap from mcmaster. I hope that the tubing will be easier to route.
  13. I though about using 3/8" tubing right there. I also though about an elbow fitting. I dont know if that will restrict flow more than the 3/8" tubing.
  14. I tried that. Doesnt really work too well.
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