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  1. Ok, Thanks guys obviously the heat sink needs to be replaced, I have some AS5 on the shelf so first I will pull the existing sink and replace with AS5. However since the heatsink is already dumping tons of heat (to the point I can't touch it without burning myself). I will have to replace it. SO, Will it affect my Video card's performance if I move it to the second slot? Because if I do that I can put a large copper heatsink and fan on the chipset and solve it that way. If it will affect my video performance then I will have to go with a low profile cooler that will be more difficult. Will the Evercool VC-RE fit under the video card in the existing space?
  2. I have had this setup for about 8 months now. The PWM IC chips had some heating problems which I sorted out by putting a fan (120mm) over the ram and PWM IC. I had some other problems with stability and eventually sent the board in for warranty repair. Since the board came back from warranty repair the Chipset wants to over heat. If I play a game like Far Cry or Guild Wars it will heat up to 60C+ and become unstable. The fan is spinning at over 7,000 RPM and the heatsink is to hot to touch so the heatsink must be attached correctly. The voltage to the chipset is set at the default the ambient air temp is in the 80 degree Farenheit range and neither the CPU or the RAM or the PWM IC chips are above 45C at full load. What gives?
  3. I have a pair of Hitachi 250GB SATA II with NCQ enabled and they are working very well. I do not have the NV IDE drivers loaded. And I AGREE the Maxtors seem to have quality control issues AND design issues. Currenly I like the Hitachi's better than Seagate as in my personal experience they are a bit faster and quieter.
  4. I have been cusing at my main board for about 4-5 weeks. It had worked perfectly for 3 months and then started not wanting to post at all. I tried different CPU's, RAM, and PSU's all to no avail. Then I realized that other than the original Mushkin all I had put in it was cheap memory or Corsair which the Lan Party notoriously doesn't like. So I RMA'ed my Mushkin high voltage CH-5 memory. Aaaaand guess what bada bing I am at 2.8Ghz on air cooling stable as a rock. Sorry for all the mayhem DFI!!!
  5. I RMA'ed my mainboard back to DFI and got it back still wasn't working got it to boot with my one (only one) of my Mushkin CH-5 512MB modules in the yellow port farthest from the CPU. Determined my Mushkin modules may be bad. Didn't want to loose use of the computer so I ordered a single G. Skill 512MB module to tide me over. Got the G. Skill today and can only post/boot if it is in the slot farthest from the CPU. No other slot will post or boot. This cannot be normal. Yes, I reset the Bios before putting in the new memory as the Mushkin likes 3.4 volts for best performance. I don't understand this, after a slow difficult beginning the board worked fantastically at a high overclock for 3 months. Then it just crapped out and after RMAing it, trying three separate processor Athlon 64 X2 3800+, Athlon 64 3700+ and an Athlon 64 3500+, trying three different kinds of memory, replacing an Enermax 550 Watt Noise taker, with an Enermax Liberty 500 watt PSU. I have tested my PSU's, CPU's, and Memory modules, in other systems and tested the output from the PSU's under load. I have an excellent cooling system with active cooling on the every part of the main board. I am not even attempting to overclock at this point (tho I would REALLY like to). Any ideas from anyone? I am RMAing the Mushking modules tomorrow, but have little hope that will solve it because the G. Skill memory isn't working correctly right now. Please tell me there is the doilly looking jumper or magical bios setting that I am missing and everything will go back to happy land.
  6. I have been on a couple other forums including Mushkins and it would seem there are known issues with the high voltage CH-5 memory, used in my Redline XP 4000 modules so I am going to RMA them and hope this solves the problem.
  7. I am still looking for another mainboard from another manufacturer that will put out 3.4 volts for my memory, and decided rather than throw this DFI board away I would keep working at it. The unfortunate thing is now I can't even get one reply to a question. Well if anyone reads this since I can't get any answers to DFI questions. Does anyone know if the high end ASUS board will work with the Mushking 4000XP high voltage BH based memory? It is rated to go to 4.0 volts, but doesn't say if it supports the Mushkin memory.
  8. I RMA'd my Mainboard back to DFI and got it back about 2 weeks ago. They didn't include any paper work at all so I don't know what the problem was. When I got it back I reinstalled it and everything worked perfectly for about 2 weeks. The it crashed and wouldn't post at all. I swapped out my 3800+ X2 for a single core 3700+ (just because) and tried to get it up with that processor. No dice until I managed to get one of my dimms to post and boot in the farthest slot from the CPU after clearing the CMOS. I then went into the bios and upped the voltage to the DRAM as this memory like some extra just to boot. Next I installed my 2nd DIMM into the other yellow slot and bingo everything was working. I put my two new 250GB HD's in, installed Windows, loaded my drivers and security software and was preparing to load Apps when it crashed at the Windows desktop. Please keep in mind I am not overclocking at all. When I cycled power I get no post at all. Three red debug lights is it. So I didn't clear the CMOS removed the first DIMM (leaving only one DIMM in the farthest yellow slot). It posts and boots into Windows. Ok, so I have tried every single DIMMS and Dual Dimms in every possible configuration and the only way this machine will boot is with one DIMM in the farthest yellow memory slot. ONLY one of my DIMMs will do this. If I put the second DIMM in the farthest yellow slot I get no post. The DIMM that does work will only work in that one slot. It won't post in any of the other three slots. Do I have to RMA this board again?
  9. I know this is a forum and I appologize for going off so explosively. I am generally reasonable and maybe my situation is just one of those unfortunate ones where I fell through the cracks. But rather than cause more problem I will just toss this board and move on. Does anyone know of another board that will put out enough voltage to the DRAM so that I can continue to use my Mushking memory? It needs 3.4-3.5 volts to be happy. I'll do some google searches tomorrow. This is a bit bigger issue for me because I build gaming systems and I need a good overclocking board. I always use my personal system to test components so that I can offer my customers the best possible builds. I was just getting set to start using the DFI boards for all my needs when this happened. And I am sorry if I offended anyone.
  10. I am so NOT happy!! I purchased a NF4 Ultra-D and it worked beautifully for about 3 months. Then it died, Then I sent it to DFI for RMA and they kept it and kept it. Then they shipped it back. And this time it has worked for two weeks and and DIED again!!! Now you might think that there is something else wrong with my system.. NOT, because when I got it back I put it in my new setup with everything new except the #@%[email protected]# mainboard. I switched out the PSU with a new Enermax Liberty, the processor was a Athlon XP X2 3800+ dual core, it is now a 3700+ single core venice. I did try it with both the old mushkin high voltage memory and some corsair memory. I even used new 250GB HD's in place of the old 160GB HD's. And I have tried 3 different video cards. I am a system builder so I have plenty of parts to try this stuff with. This is my primary gaming rig, the pimped out super noob fragger. I noted the serial number before I sent it in and they sent me the same board back but didn't fix it right. So what did you guys do with it!!!!! It took me THREE WEEKS just to get an RMA number last time cause nobody would anwer my e-mails. Rgone said it was a spam problem. So now what do I do???? Sit for another two months while they try to fix it again????? I am going to request an RMA one more time and I am not building ANY DFI based systems until this is resolved. Has anyone had an experience like this?? I have had about 4 (other major brand) boards that have failed out of probably a hundred and fifty builds and not once did I wait more than a day for and RMA or a week for a repair. Can anyone recommend a good way to get DFI's attention? I am SOOOOO fed up!!!!
  11. Thank you for your responses. I got both cores stable at 1.65Ghz at 1.6 volts, but that is probably it for this processor. Are there any risks besides tempurature at this voltage? I would rather give up 50Mhz than burn up this chip.
  12. Ok, I have done a pretty good job with the overclocking but need advice. You can see from my sig what I am running. Currently my CPU is at 23-25C at idle and about 38-39C at full load. I ran two instances of Prime 95 for 24Hours and am rock stable @ 2.6Ghz. My voltages are 1.45v on the CPU and 3.4v on the Memory which is rated all the way to 3.6v. The memory maxed out at 270Mhz at 2-2-2-6-1T 3.5V. However my processor won't go above 2.63 and remain stable on core 0. More voltage doesn't seem to help. The temps are low, considering most advice I have gotten has said keep it under 50C at full load. My Dimms are in the Orange slots and that seems fine as the memory really goes up there in fact I have never had memory close to this good. My the hypertransport bus is currently at a 4 mulitplier, but I took it down to 3 so it wasn't overclocked when I tried to push the processor further. Is this the limit of this pair of cores or am I missing something cause my temps are really quite good.
  13. Hey, thanks very much. I just realized that I was turning up the start voltage rather than the cpu voltage.
  14. Hi, Am trying to set my memory above 3.2 volts. From my sig you can see I am running the official bios. I found another thread that told me to set my clear my CMOS and to set my CPU voltage manually. I have done both, however the bios will still only allow me to set the voltage to 3.2 volts or less. The mainboard jumper is set to the 4v setting so can anyone help me. Do I need another bios or is there another setting I don't know about. Thanks for your input.
  15. Hey Rldolph, what did you replace the chipset fan with? It is right under the video card and most normal solutions won't fit. Part of the problem is no doubt my 7800GTX dumping a lot of heat close to the chipset.
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