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  1. I am in the same boat i am seriously considering them but there is not much info out there
  2. Hi i am considering getting these for my eXpert board can some please let me know if they are 1. compatible 2. not going to die after few months like the ballistix 3. if they are OK for OCing etc http://www.teamgroup.com.tw/Xtreem/Overclo..._Cronus_Micron/
  3. can anyone shed somelight on these please http://www.teamgroup.com.tw/Xtreem/Overclo..._Cronus_Micron/ as i am considering buying a matched pair
  4. can also consider the TEAM Xtreem PC4000 Cronus Micron they are pretty good aparently i dont have much info on how good they are but someone else might be able to tell you. they can go up to 270-280Mhz ie DDR 540-DDR 560 speeds
  5. thats happened to me before, it was bad memory. anyway try 1 memory stick at time also dont OC and dont run raid or raid drivers (for the time being until you can get the problem sorted). i dont know if there is memtest option in the bios but if there is then it is a good idea to test your ram. also you can try disconnecting all nonessentials eg 1 dvd (or burner) 1 FDD and 1 cardreader. and last but not least if you have a multimeter check the 12V and 5V rails on the PSU
  6. I tried clearing the CMOS and just testing with default settings (not even optimised defaults) the issue is still there
  7. memtest doesnt always pick up memory problems but since you tried a different DIMM and issue is not resolved then it is either the board o fthe CPU
  8. I am running stock timing and the meory was never OCed beyond the manufacturers specs as they are rated for DDR500 operation i am running them at default 3-3-3-8 with default voltage but you are right tighter/looser can be used to stabilise an OC
  9. Thats OK it was related to what i was asking so i let it go and yes you do need a sig
  10. OK i am making progress here thanks for all the responses i memtested it over night on stock everything and found 9 errors all in test no. 8 http://img69.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img21168wk.jpg Does that mean it is my RAM? I tested in dual channel configuration, so i guess the next step is to test the DIMMs separately or should I just RMA them? the memory was never OCed as they are rated for DDR500 operation and they are failing at DDR400 or could the memtest error indicate other failure?
  11. I wish that my story has a happy ending like this mine are running on stock volts started memtesting now will post again in the morning if they do crap out then i will try to get them replaced by something else no more shitstix for me
  12. well i tried the UBCD (http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/) and selected the prime 95 option it starts running and fails after less than 2 mins (twice) then tried booting into windows and i get the windows logo (starting windows with the progress bar) and i get BSOD (IRQL_NOT_EQUAL_OR_LESS) restart boot into windows everything is fine, take out a stick (ie running with one stick only) and prime for 4 hours on large FFTs that was stable no probs there. just took that stick out and swapped it with the other one and started priming an hour ago no probs so far usually this test would fail after 45 mins i am thinking that either there is a mobo problem (ie the memory slot on the mother board that is used when running dual channel) or perhaps a memory problem when running dual channel (not sure if the latter is a possibility but you never know)
  13. 1. DONT OC, i am having all sorts of problems after a rock sold OCed system that ran for 5 months. now i cant get it stable at stock 2. try a single stick at a time and try changing the memory slot used (ie instead of yellow use orange) 3. try formatting and reinstalling the system do NOT install the Nvidia firewall software or the IDE drivers. i have been having lots of probs my self have a look here you never know you might find it useful http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...8007#post468007
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