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  1. Regular or irregular patterns. i.e. memory or core. 99% chance card your card is getting ready for RMA though. Artefacting in every game on a non overclocked card normally means a definate hardware failure.
  2. € 140,- That's a card that does 7800GTX speeds and probably the best air cooler for VGA. I realise that the Euro is very strong compared to the Dollar, so European buyers will have an advantage.
  3. PRICE DROP AGAIN edited first post with new price
  4. Price drop for a card that does 500/1200 right from the start
  5. One factory overclocked 7800GT from XFX (450/1050) About one year old and in perfect shape, only selling this one because I walked into a great deal on an X1950. As you can see it got the VF-900 from Zalman installed. Temps came down about 20C under load, enough for me to do a mild mod, flashed a BIOS that gives 1.5v instead of 1.4v on the core. With this mod I run 500/1200 daily on all possible games. Note that without the voltmod it also ran 1200Mhz memory happily under the Zalman. 530Mhz on the core was easily done for benchmarking, but would crash one or two games once in a while. It speaks for itself that I can replace this BIOS with the original and effectively revert the changes that were made. Id rather not remove the Zalman, because the stock cooler just isnt really worth it compared to the Zalman and it would mean taking the ramsinks off etc. However if you insist we can work something out via PM. €140,- including the Zalman (the VF-900 is worth about €30,- new last time I checked). PayPal or bank transfer. Heat under JVG81.
  6. Doesnt mean anything right now does it? You would not be the first to have messed up RAM in your machine while trying to blame everything else. I know I did with my pc4800 TCCD's. Look at it this way, there's two ways to fail prime more or less instantly. Either your CPU is totally unstable at stock (BS ofcourse) or your RAM is completely unstable at stock (highly plausible here).
  7. Make that over 2.1v, I set it to 1.55*136 that is almost 2.1v right there. I wanted to set 104 but accidentaly made one step too far. Thermal protection (set to 60C in my case) kicked in halfway through booting, luckily. Still no instant death. TS must have set similar voltage while leaving thermal protection disabled, which is a function that you should never underestimate and always set to the lowest value above your maximum load temp.
  8. Here's an example - click Theres a thread with almost no end on XS about unlocking the A64, it definately can be done - but only by chance, and sometimes it dissapears as fast as it comes and it almost always has weird side effects like overheating or losing features.
  9. I have to agree, I gave my Opty over 2.0v one time. Yes it was by accident. 1.75v is far from instant death, and running it at over 1.6v doesnt fry your cpu either. I know of a few guys who fed their A64's with over 1.65v for many months. EDIT: ofcourse Im not telling anyone (especially TS) to raise beyond whatever border you see fit, volts are always to be kept as low as possible for your clocks.
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