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  1. Would you mind providing me with a step by step list of what you had to do in order to get the installation to complete (upgrading XP)? I'm going to give it a shot, but would be grateful to know exactly how you got it to work. Thanks very much
  2. I've lived in the NT world for quite some time, so my migration was, at that time, from Windows 2000 to XP . I do seem to recall people saying why leave Win2K for XP (and before that they fussed about moving from NT4 to Win2k), but I think it may be worse this time. I've always felt MS (for the most part) moved forward in positive ways with their NT based OS's. Vista may prove to be an exception to this however.
  3. Yikes, I don't recall there being this much trouble when XP was rolled out - but perhaps I'm getting old....
  4. What makes you leery? Have you experienced or heard anything in particular? I put it on my laptop, but not my desktop because I am a bit concerned as I do my work on it. I do like a lot of the addtional info available, e.g. in task manager, and like you, love to play with new stuff. I can't run Aero on my laptop, and am looking forward to having it on the desktop system. I am concerned also about getting the installation to complete on my RAID 0.... the in place upgrade went fine on the laptop (XP sp2 to Vista Ultimate). I'm fortunate in that I have an MSDN subscription and at least don't have to risk the $. Thanks
  5. Thanks, BTW, was it worth all the trouble?
  6. Yes, I am using the NF4 RAID, tho I haven't updated that driver since I built this system about a year ago. The driver is 5.10.2300.518 dated 2/11/2005.
  7. rayooo, do you mean to say you did get an upgrade to work eventually, i.e. keep all programs, settings, etc. from you XP installation? I wonder if anyone has gotten this to work successfully.... Thanks
  8. Do you mean download the drivers so I can update after the Vista install is done? I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "download the proper drivers before install".... Thanks for your help
  9. Thanks for your quick reply. Out of curiosity, why will I need the drivers on a floppy? From what I've read, doing an in-place upgrade, you are not prompted for drivers, etc...
  10. I'm gradually getting closer to upgrading my system to Vista, and wonder if anyone with sata raid 0 has successfully done this, i.e. starting the install from within XP. Thanks for any feedback and advice.....
  11. Thanks to both of you - I was afraid I'd have to take the mobo out, darn.... I guess I'll have to use the stock replacement fan for now, but will order the Evercool, where's a good place to find it? Thanks again....
  12. This fan is not working properly, and I've gotten a replacement from DFI. Can anyone give me any tips on replacing the old one? It looks, from the appearance of the new fan, I might have to remove the mb to clip off the hold-down nylon pins, and I'd really like to avoid doing that. Thanks for any help, TomT
  13. Anyone using these yet? Are they ok? Any compelling reason to replace 6.66? Thx
  14. You're right, and I wonder why the adaptor they sent was only 7 plugs (individual), I would have thought there would be 8?
  15. Single 8 pin plug (w/one blocked), but they sent me an adaptor which also seperates it into 7 individual plugs (I thought it would have been 8). But that didn't work either.
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