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  1. First off, it's BIOS not Bio's. Second, when you boot up the computer with the jumper in the clear position, it's not going to save any changes that you make to the CMOS. Do this, clear the the CMOS, move the pins from 1-2 to 2-3 and then give it two seconds and move it back to 1-2. Boot up the comp holding Insert, then go into BIOS and reset defaults. Don't change anything else and save to CMOS and reboot. Then go back to BIOS after the restart and make changes to boot order, not overclocking. Do not load saved saved settings. Make changes manually.
  2. 227 sounds like a lock is not in place. Move your SATA drive (if you have one) to SATA port 4 then try.
  3. It worked, thanks. If it starts again I will re-post
  4. Since no one at [H]ard Forums can help me, I thought I would post it here. This is a new problem that arose after I installed my new dual core and a new copy of Windows XP. I can't shutdown or restart, it just hangs at the last screen "Windows is Shutting Down". Sometimes it will even hang when I go to the Start menu to select restart. This is a problem because sometimes the new data doesn't get saved. But also, it is generally annoying. Can someone please help me, thanks guys. System is in sig as always. Thought I would add, memtest was good for 52 Hours, and my system is dual prime stable for 24+ Hours
  5. Wow Sharp, that was THE most complete post I have ever seen, nice job.
  6. What about Omega based off of 5.9. Was that a good version?
  7. Thats what started my problem, I upgraded from Cat 5.5 to Omega driver based off of 6.1
  8. I just got 5.5 Is that the one before 6.1? yes I have dot net installed. Duh!
  9. Thing is, I cant restore because I have crucial files. Does anyone have the old driver?
  10. I have posted this on [H]ard forum, so I thought I would also post it here. So maybe some of you remember I posted about a problem with BSODs after Omega driver install. Well, I backed up my stuff and formatted and re-installed the drivers (Catalyst 6.1 this time). Well I have been getting more BSODs. Same error message. Here it is MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION STOP: 0x0000009C (0x00000004, 0x80545ff0, 0xB2000000, 0x00070F0F) What is this caused by? Is it a software problem? Is there a possibility that it was a coicidence that it started when I installed the drivers and some hardware is failing? I didn't crash at all before that stupid driver install. Now I am having a problem. Please help, thanks.
  11. Sounds like you didn't have the chipset drivers installed. I dont think there should be anymore freezing.
  12. Maxtor has excellent support. Tell me, you do have your Chipset drivers installed, right?
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