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  1. No… I was not expecting it to. I was going to run it on a divider.
  2. cant get into windows with those timings. also tried 2.2 3 7 3 , 2.5484 and others. defaults get me to 210 but nothing more. I would be happy if i could just run 221 (on divider 166). Anyway not using a divider to test the ram just using 1:1 with cpu multi lowered etc...
  3. i have the 1 gb set not the 2gb. will the timings be similar?
  4. Anyone having luck with GSkill F1-3200PHU2-1GBZX ? What timings are you using? And are you having issues with running it on a divider? This is for a 3000+ Venice not whats in my sig. Trying to help my Dad OC Any help would be very cool. Thanks Edit: Trying to run 270 fsb with divider
  5. i didnt try new bios yet. but those timeings that hawkeyefan had work great. Thanks all
  6. do i need to swich bios? im just had realy good luck with my 2.8 from my 2x3800? I didnt want to mess my cpu oc up and or start over if i can help it.
  7. thanks all. ill try these settings. also i missed posted a couple of my specs DRAM volts is at 2.6v and Command Per Clock is enabled sorry... ill let you guys know if it works
  8. I just upgraded from 4x512 to Mushkin EP 4000 2x1gb (991483). But I cant get it to run at my cpu fsb of 280 and they crash on a divider. I know you guys do a lot of testing with the dfi boards and was hoping maybe there was some timings that i may have missed. I have tried to many variations to list, however the below timings got me the highest fsb so far. I have also tried witching ram slots as well as ever loltage from 2.6-2.9. I had no problems running on a divider with my old ram and my cpu is 3dmark 20XX / prime 8hrs+ stable at this speed. My System: DFI LANPARTY nF4 Ultra-D - 6/23/05 BIOS AMD Athlon x2 3800+ Manchester 4x512 Patriot PDC1GPc3200+XBLK (TCCD) Old Ram that worked x800 pro 256, 530/1152 ATI catalyst 5.6 Drivers Western Digital Raptor 74GB (8MB cache) 10,000 RPM x 2 (RAID 0) PLEXTOR PX-712A DL DVD-RW OCZ PowerStream OCZ600ADJ ATX 600W Power Supply - Retail Cooling Swiftech MCP350 3/8in. Water Pump Swiftech MCW6000-64 Swiftech MCW50 Double Heater Core w/ shoud BIOS Information- 6/23/05 BIOS (from DFI) Genie BIOS Settings: FSB Bus Frequency - 280 LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio - AUTO CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio - AUTO PCI eXpress Frequency - 100Mhz CPU VID StartUp Value - 1.500v CPU VID Control - 1.450v CPU VID Special Control - Above VID * 110% LDT Voltage Control - 1.20v Chip Set Voltage Control - 1.50v DRAM Voltage Control - 3.00v DRAM Configuration Settings: DRAM Frequency Set - 180=RAM/FSB:09/10 Command Per Clock (CPC) - Disable CAS Latency Control (Tcl) - 2.5 RAS# to CAS# delay (Trcd) - 04 Bus Clocks Min RAS# active time (Tras) - 07 Bus Clocks Row precharge time (Trp) - 03 Bus Clocks Row Cycle time (Trc) - 10 Bus Clocks Row refresh cyc time (Trfc) - 16 Bus Clocks Row to Row delay (Trrd) - 02 Bus Clocks Write recovery time (Twr) - 02 Bus Clocks Write to Read delay (Twtr) - 01 Bus Clocks Read to Write delay (Trwt) - 02 Bus Clocks Refresh Period (Tref) - 3120 Cycles Write CAS Latency (Twcl) - Auto DRAM Bank Interleave - Enabled DQS Skew Control - Auto DQS Skew Value - 0 DRAM Drive Strength - Level 7 DRAM Data Drive Strength - Level 2 Max Async Latency - 8.0 Nano Seconds DRAM Response Time - Fast Read Preamble Time - 5.5 Nano Seconds IdleCycle Limit - 256 Cycles Dynamic Counter - Disable R/W Queue Bypass - 16 x Bypass Max - 07 x 32 Byte Granularity - Disable(4 Bursts) I would prefer to run on a 180 divider so I could run my cpu at 280 and my ram at 254 with tighter trimmings. Any help would be appreciated
  9. Interesting… Well anyway I personally like to keep my cpu as cool as possible. But I was just thinking that a difference of 3 percent can’t make that much impact. Perhaps I was wrong.
  10. Most people say that 55c should be your max with this cpu. However, I think the difference of 2c is academic. I would be really surprised if you didn’t need to feed it more vcore to get stable at that speed. And as you know more vcore = more heat. Good luck and let us know how it works for you
  11. not sure how to get the stepping info 4 u. gut im at 2.8 on water. Edit: Alos i was unwilling to go higher not bc of temps (wich stay low 40 under load) but bc of vcore. I would have had to go 1.7+ to be stable.
  12. I just called atacom and asked where my order of this mem is and they said they dont have any and that they always list all thier items and "in stock". I canceled my order
  13. I don’t know that ram very well, its tccd isn’t it? Anyway if it is G. Skill is supposed to be better than the Patriot Ram I have. So just for ****s and giggles try the settings I used in the OCDB #60 Hope that helps and good luck
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