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  1. Oh really!? Nice! Now I need to figure out what the heck EPS stands for (yes I have read all your guides, but I cannot remember what it is exactly ) btw david, I know you are very experienced with PSU stuff. I wonder if you can offer some opinions on the following: 1) software voltage readings are bad, but how about the deltas that they detect, can that be trusted? (this stemmed from a problem where I saw a huge drop of my 12V rail when using S&M tester) Actually to put it another way, is there are way that I can extrapolate the actual voltage drop based up the delta that was detected? 2) Why is software monitoring inaccurate? i mean they must read some voltage or current value that few designated sensors or chips that the mobo provide. And from there they calculate the values. Is the inaccuracy rooted from the fact that a inaccurate readin is provided by the mobo itself? Or that the software is not calculating things correctly. This question is related to the thread here about the upgraded Smartguard, where we can put some offset in the voltage readings to match the DMM readings. However, if the info provided by the mobo is inheriantly inaccurate, after using the offset we still cannot "trust" the software readings can we? thanks a lot for the help!
  2. sigh does that mean I have to replace the powerstream 520W?
  3. Hiya: Now that I finally got my system running I ran into another problem... Seem that my system doesn't like the restart function in windows... Or sometimes it doesn't like to reboot from pushing the restart button on my machine... It seems like the the system is hanging at around the time that the raid drivers are loaded... Anyone else seen this problem? thanks
  4. were you running the fpu test? I think that test just does a lot of fpu calculation over and over again. That is why it is more likely to yield errors. I had to bump up the voltage for that test, but the pwm ic got overheated... Need to find someone who knows Russian to translate the homepage of this proggy:)
  5. yeah that program is a killer... I found it from a link on hardocp forum and anandtech forum... The truth is I am scared of running it now since it just burns the cpu so much:)
  6. There is no installation, just a small program. It really heats up the CPU ver very well. Also what is your voltage, and cooling right now ? did you do anything for your chipset?
  7. oh also andrew, try that S&M program run only the FPU test for the cpu and let me know how hot your PWM IC get
  8. thanks for all the help. I thought something is wrong... I don't have stock cooling I have the scythe ninja and it keeps the CPU very cool. I need to take a look at reseating the heat sinks for the FETS... Also for you guys with athlon 64 x2, what are your temps for CPU and chipset? Did you guys use after market cooling for either the cpu or the chipset or the MOSFETs? thanks so much for the help again
  9. Aye, I did use a fan, that blows right across all of the FETs and it dropped the temperature to the 50s oC. However, running the test using S&M tester, the FETS gets extremely hot >80oC when the CPU is in the low 50s oC... I wonder if the heatsinks are making good contact with the FETs? Any recommendations on replacements? Also about the voltage, which reading should I trust more? Where would be a good place on the board to probe the voltage to be sure? thanks
  10. Hi guys: Been playing around with my system for couple weeks now, and I noticed that my PWM IC temp is very high. W/O a 120mm fan blowing over the MOSFETs they are above 70oC when running Prime95 on both of the cores of my CPU... (the cpu temperature is at most 52oC when I am priming @1.45V x 110%) Mind you I have not even put the mobo into a case yet... Right now I am just testing the components out (turns out I need to RMA my RAM...) After some searching, I found that most people get temp in 50s oC for PWM IC under full load. Do I need to replace the heat sink on those MOSFETs or something? It doesn't seem like they are doing a good job.... Something else that worries me is the inconsistent Voltage reading between what I set in BIOS, what is read in BIOS and what is read in smartguardian or MBM5. In bios I set: 1.45V x 110% = 1.595V BIOS reading : 1.57V MBM and Smartguardian reading: 1.52V ... I don't want to put more then 1.6V on my processor, but which voltage should I believe? FInally, do you guys ever use S&M to get your CPU hot fast? This program heat up the CPU much much faster then prime95. And using this program the PWM IC temp for me goes over 80oC in less then an hour... PLEASE HELP! Scroll to the bottom of this page for S&M tester Direct d/l for S&M tester thanks
  11. Thanks for the update Rgone. I too have been learning with the ballistix that I got. And I have experienced the things you and others have mentioned. Namely 1) Ballistix runs better at lower voltage... 2) Change in CPU OC have a BIG impact on stability... ( I found that in dual channel mode, if I make the memory bandwidth (as shown on memtest86+) go above 2000MB/s the memory test will fail no matter what the HTT... This was on 623-3 BIOS and using orange slot since yellow slots are disliked by my ram...) Now regarding #2 above, does other memory sticks behave like this? I have always followed finding the max CPU and RAM OC separately method, but with these RAM I don't think I can do that too well... Also, using 704-2bta one of the stick of ram is completely bad for me... (as in massive error from test 1...) I guess I will have to RMA,,, (yes I cleared the CMOS tried the sticks individually etc.) weird stuff... Edit: ALmost forgot to ask this: Crucial has rated these ballistix PC4000 to be DDR500 at 3-4-4-8 2.8V. But SPD picks 3-3-3-8 @ 250FSB... Is this normal? thanks
  12. Thanks for the response. i did do lots of homework before i made my purchases and i made double sure that i have all the "gotchas" covered. I am not gonna RMA yet, since i will have to do more testing to see what is going on... I hate it when something bad happens and I dont know why,... thanks again, and if anything come to your minds please grace me with the knowledge
  13. Hey guys: As I mentioned it before I was getting memory errors in memtest86 when using 2x1GB crucial ballistix ram, even on SPD settings. voltages >2.6v on the DRAM is also a bad idea... since @2.8v i cannot even get the system to boot up into the BIOS boot CD that Tmod created. Now after some testing, I found that both sticks can handle memtest #5 for hours @ 250mhz, 3-4-4-8 (1T) everything else on default settings. Slot 2 was used to test them singly. In light of all this could I have a mobo that doesn't like duel channel? Is there something extra that I need to do to make the mobo happy with 2GB of memory on it? I am using the 704-2bta bios right now, and I have tested slot 1,3 combo with no success... When doing the tests filling both slot 2 and 4 I would always get error at around 1598MB, and on rare occasions on 409MB range... Please let me know what do you guys think. thanks
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