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  1. I Gave up on the 4 x 512 Corsair. I think the DFI SLI-DR boards have major issues with stability when 4 dimms are installed. Believe me I messed around with setting/testing for days. So out with the XMS.
  2. Yes, I was promised a new driver at the beginning of next month. I will leave that to the next person to review this hopefully with the new driver.
  3. I used the latest drivers available at www.auzentech.com, which are identical to the ones that came on the CD. I compared the ones on cd by content and they were identical. Some extra "demo" stuff was on the cd also. I tried the card in both PCI slots, and the sound was the same. I doubt there is anything wrong with the card, since it worked fine in "certain" audio applications etc, and as I mentioned above for some all this might be acceptable. I will let others to try and write their input. I'm waiting for an Audigy 4 Pro and I will see how that goes.
  4. Ohh believe me, nothing would make me happier than to see !your! reaction.
  5. I've updated my X-Plosion 7.1 review a bit. Read above.
  6. [Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, the details below are my own thoughts about this sound card from a gamer and casual music listener point of view] I received my HDA X-Plosion 7.1 DTS Connect PCI AUDIO card manufactured in Korea. In a nutshell it's a piece of crap. Everyone that positively reviewed this card is either a Sunday pc user or don't use it for games. The audio quality resembles CODEC Chip based on-board audio. It has good sound separation in 5.1 DTS but it lacks audio quality and sounds metallic. In games, it has an annoying echo or sound skipping/stutter that doesn't occur on all sound samples but certain "active" sounds. It occurs especially when many samples are playing at once. I should call this an attempt at EAX? or inability to play many samples simultaneously without choking. For example, in Oblivion if one strafes sideways the footsteps sound stutters or has an unnatural echo/sample cutoff. The same occurs when casting magic spells while you are moving, such as fireball or other ranged spells where the sound has to travel. This happens in other games also, where you shoot a machine gun etc. This is very annoying and feels cheesy. Certain sounds that were loud and clear on the Audigy, on the X-Plosion sound very dim and out of place. While using the headphones the output sounded like a tin can/digitized. Yes, I played with the EQ settings. If I add more bass the sound becomes muffled. I'm also aware of the DTS sound cut bug that requires Karaoke to be enabled. I've cycled through all the available output/encoding modes and it still sounds cheap and missing richness. I use "cheap" in reference to the $100+ price tag this sound card carries. I can't justify the price. Either I'm paying for the LDD Aluminum E-caps, some software license that is needed for this card, but definitely not for the audio quality. Its too expensive. I'm not sure if software plays a role in the DD/DTS 5.1 encoding, but that might just be the case here since it seems to eat more cpu while in DD/DTS mode. I can't compare this with the Nvidia Nforce2 Sound Storm which sounded much better in 5.1 mode. I ran the 7.1 demo and the cpu usage was rolling at 3-10% but when the music demo ended it jumped at 20% using the DPC interrupts while there was nothing playing. I feel uneasy about this, since this indicates a hardware hog. To stop it, I opened the audio panel and changed between output modes, this seemed to reset/stop the board output and cpu returned to 0-1 IDLE%. I can't recommend this card for any serious gamer or one of those people that "hear/see everything and have an eye 4 quality", better yet anyone that is not happy with an on-board sound. I would not recommend this for "HTPC" either since it lacks audio punch. Sound was much better on the Audigy via S/PDIF pass-through when playing a DVD. All I needed was another sound card other than Creative's but at a comparable audio quality, unfortunately this does not fit the bill... despite the fact that the card has very high quality capacitors. The op-amps can't be responsible either, since they only affect analog output. In any mode the card lacks punch and quality. Personally, I wanted to like the card. The card itself looks good, has user upgradeable parts, nice specs on paper etc. Case closed, I can't stand the bloatware/drivers of creative cards but fak!, I have to go back to the Audigy, I'm going for an Audigy 4 pro(OEM) one place had them @$99 I think I got the last one and stick with the Creative or PAX drivers. I have an audigy1 now(pax drivers, my zs 2 broke, it just crashes machine due to hardware problem on the card) so Audigy 4 is the last to try. X-FI terrifies me. Components I used for testing: Pioneer VSX-1014 Receiver and Mid range Infinity speakers. (Digital) For analog I listened to Klipsch 2.1 THX speakers & headphones. (Analog) I have a total of 3 machines 2 game machines and one Internet machine. Other game/HTPC dual boot machine has an Audigy 2 ZS which in the worst case scenario I was going to swap for this but no way I can end up with this card. So its going back.. (now how can I avoid the 15% restocking fee? hmmm...) LOL!! OK NOW I'M CALM.
  7. What about the heat that buyers are concerned about ? in the newegg customer reviews they mention tremendous heat levels on the sticks.
  8. Hi Ag, Can you tell me the settings for TWINX1024-3200C2PT v5.2 I have added 4 x 512mb to my machine (same lot) and I can't pass the memtest86. When 2x512mb are in, the test passes. When there are 4 x 512mb it fails. So I tested 2 x 512mb in orange slots = passed. Then I tested same passing modules in yellow slots, and it fails. Any ideas what is wrong ? Or any help to set these dimms up. I tried 2.6v = no post 2.7v and 2.8v all fails with 4 modules or 2x in yellow slots. I would appreciate any help. Thanks!!
  9. What % of performance loss are we looking at here in 2T mode ? Enough for me to feel bad for getting 2 x 512mb instead of 2x1gb's ? I had 2x512's in there already. I also swapped all 4 dimms to same lot number.
  10. Does anyone know what type of chips is used in the latest REV 5.2 of the corsair platinum TWINX1024-3200C2PT ? I have 4 dimms in my SLI-DR but I can only run 2T. Is it possible to run 1T with 4 x 512mb ? System will not boot with 1T enabled. Thanks
  11. Well I used to have a Nforce2 board with soundstorm, and I loved it. The sound was great just not the quality of the latest audio chipsets. Also perhaps you set the output manually, to DTS or 5.1 etc. Tonight is the day (wed). My card arrives.
  12. I know X-FI is for gaming, but what about the fact that the X-FI has soo many problems. Have you seen the X-FI thread at creative ? They seem to be waiting for 6 months so far and still no fix for the crackling problem etc. Threads like that create serial killers!!! What about general hardware instability ? Is EAX the only thing that makes the creative cards "gaming" cards ?
  13. I'm tired of all the issues with the creative labs audio cards especially the latest X-FI. I decided to go for this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16829156001 Has anyone gotten this card and if yes, how does it work with the SLI-DR board. I like the fact that this card can put out 5.1 via coax/optical like the Nforce2 used to do. Not too crazy for EAX. Any comments are welcome.
  14. yes as I mentioned above I will get the same brand/model sticks. Hopefully they did not change anything on the actual modules.
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