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  1. You can see many configurations of active cooling in this forum if you search,al let mine here:
  2. Did you tried to put the cpu (multiplier,vcore) ,memories (timmings and voltage) settings by and instead of the auto settings?
  3. i´ve heard people having that king of problems and just like me,installing a dual core means a format,and fresh SO accordingly with some guys at Xs.
  4. This thread is becoming like the one about Asus A8N sli and going above 245 htt with memories at 1T,with everyone waiting to a bios that solve the problem,forget it...live with it(i live)
  5. Theres a thread in Xs about that and they say you must install win XP wen changing from single to dual core.Good luck.
  6. Thanks TMod...the question it´s not if is indispensable but if a board of that price have sucha a flaw and the maker until now doesn´t do nothing to fix it...
  7. i´ve tested with errata 123 disabled and my sandra bandwidth rise up a bit,i think that with dual cores errata 123 must be enabled.
  8. well what i meant to say it´s that for a motherboard made for overclocking that it´s completely insane.It´s like having a Porche 911 and your tachimeter it´s reading wrong.. :mad: ,and you say well buy a external tachymeter...come on ...DFI should made a new bios or recall the motherboards that are reading wrong.
  9. i´ve got it installed on my expert and didn´t notice anything,theres a cpu temperature that you can increase or decrease but for me it doesn´t make any sense...hoq the hell do i now what to increase or decrese?
  10. I guys,my expert suddenly stop working with the Hitachi Ftool,it appears a message "Starting PC Dos" but it doesn´t pass from that message,any hints?
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