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  1. still getting no video at bootup screen until next screen then it pops up, wth?.. Is this an ATI thing or is it a DFI issue?
  2. Skane big help thx for taking the time, as with the rest of you guys. losing video until after boot is expected?..ive not once had this problem with any other board or video card, its annoying to say the least looking at my monitor as it displays "dvi-2 cannot display this mode" then "Bam" video pops up.. As for the rebooting problem it has seemed to go away and i cant remember what i did..going into bios and setting defaults did it and also setting the boot priority has seemed to fix it wanting to boot my 2nd drive up. If it does continue i guess ill reinstall windows using only the one drive, good to know, thx again for the help folks.
  3. yes but its not like other bios's im familiar with, it simply says first boot: hdd then i have cdrom then the rest disabled. any ideas?
  4. 1.keeps wanting to load 2nd hdd instead of 1st my raptor which is set to master, raptor is on sata1, maxtor on sata4, moved it from sata2 and it seemed to help..but still happens. 2.When i restart from windows(new install winxp serv.2 on raptor) i lose video until the next screen after the boot screen then video comes up..i think this is an ati thing, not sure.. 3.Updated bios to 623. same problems. 4.Now im getting reboots just after boot up screen, wont go into windows until i go into bios and set to defaults and then reboot. 5. This board has been the biggest pain in the butt, little frustrated atm, i know its prolly my lack of knowledge or something but im ready to take it out and frisbee the mfer. 6.Was running msi k8 neo2 w/6800u etc. bought a new x1900xtx and picked up this board to sit in on. 7. Ran memtest no errors(timings 2.5,3,3,8) running all at stock. no oc's, ati 6.3's on video card Im stumped..any help would be mucho appreciated, thx.
  5. Its a 20pin cable, am i going to have problems?.. I dont think it came with an adapter..wtf the Dfi board is 24pin? the ultrax connect is 500w. 12v=34a 3.3v=28a 5v=30a
  6. Im gonna sound like a snob im sure but i just dont think SLI is worth it, period. In another year there will be cards out that have deeper pipes, better visual hardware, faster clocks, smaller processes, and probably dx10 support. SLI is a cool idea on paper...hell what am i saying.. it isnt even good on paper imo, twice the money for..20-30% real world performance at best?..and in some cases SLOWER than one card. For the amount of time its been on the market the driver support is substandard, again my opinion. Right now its just not something that interests me in the least. I guess if i had money to burn id maybe pick up two xfx7800gtx's but even then what a pain in the butt to have TWO behemoth cards stuffed into my computer case, double the heat, less filling. But again, thank you for your response.
  7. Hehe, thx for the response but...i bought the 2gb of ram i have now with money earned and saved, i dont have cash to just throw around and buy another 2gb of ram..i have to try to work with what i have now bro.) Thx though.
  8. Seriously considering buying this board, cause my current msi k8n will not even allow me to go 205 with 2gb ocz pc3500. New to the forums, havent had a chance to look around for 2gb users success with this board. Any advice? Ill buy the SLI version if its better but im not planning on buying 2 7800gtx's Thx.
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