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  1. Can I suggest you look at the 6400 Allendale? A bit cheaper, and seems to overclock somewhat more consistently than the 6600. I wish this ASUS board had the memory dividers my DFI has - right now the CPU has a lot left in it, I am board or memory limited at a wall of 3.4GHz. Yup, an easy 1300MHz oc on AIR, silent fans. And I remember being excited to get a 21% OC of my AMD. But 60%?!!! That beats the old days of the dual Celeron 300 oc'ed to 450.. AMD has my heart, but right now, Intel is as good as the hype.
  2. RESOLVED! Motherboard Monitor 5 when set to monitor SMART HDD temps was the culprit. It did not show any trace of accessing the drive in Sysinternals tools. But something about it was weird. Discovered by process of elimination... Thanks all for your suggestions and help...
  3. hmmm, good idea, I don't think so but will check... I was taking a more brute force approach - but if the diskmonitor from sysinternals shows nothing...
  4. yeah, it is about heat and most of all noise - I have got everything else so quiet but it is the 3 whining drives that annoys me now. Thanks to everyone who posted, but I haven't gotten any closer to solving this - it appears I have got the right Windows settings, the BIOS ones being irrelevant, and no detectable programs accessing these extra drives... So it looks like we are stumped.
  5. Yeah, I normally do, but we are heading into summer here, and these extra drives don't get accessed much, so making them bake with the rest of them seems a shame.
  6. Yeah, I am not worried about my C: drive, my other 2 drives are the issue, I have run disk access snooping programs and nothing is accessing them. So it should be as simple as just setting it in the control panel?
  7. Thanks, but that is what I have done, my question is why would it not be working? Do the BIOS settings conflict with XP settings? Should it be set to the same thing in the BIOS?
  8. Hi guys, I have had great trouble setting my hard drives to power down after X minutes. I have the option disabled in the BIOS, but enabled under WinXP Power control panel - set to say 3 minutes for testing. I finally found using this tool that my defrag tool had a resident process that was accessing all hard drives every 15 seconds. Once I removed that process, it worked, I heard my disks spooling down. But they have stopped doing so almost immediately, even though no other processes are accessing them. I can't work out what I did to briefly enable it and then mess it up so quick. :confused: What are the "correct" power management settings for this to occur?
  9. I wasn't having a go at you. I was pointing out that this forum is a gold mine, but it badly needs somone to write a FAQ or bible. So many nuggets here, from semi-official sources, but newcomers are pointed at out-of-date ad-hoc guides and expected to sift through hundreds if not thousands of posts... "Angry did some tests where he proved that -2 variant dominated all" - first I have heard of that, I have spent months browsing these forums. Hence my whinge about a FAQ. How many times a weeks do we get posts about PWMIC temps? Anyway.....
  10. David James

    Athlon X2 4200...worth overclocking

    backup everything, and give it a go - best thing I ever did was a) Partition my boot drive into a 20G C: and 50G X: B) Get Acronis True Image c) back up all my apps from the C drive to X: and/or DVD - can fit everything on one DVD compressed. That way you can go nuts overclocking and not worry about disk corruption - every so often I restore the Windows drive. My rule is if I have a freeze or BSOD I will do a restore. (eventually - like trash it for 2 weeks then restore when stable) It is a pain to have to restore and backup everytime I want to make a permanent change, but well worth it. As for overclocking, yeah, follow the guide, keep your load temps under 50C and volts under 1.55V - 1.6V (whichever comes first) and have fun!
  11. God this forum needs an FAQ...
  12. Sorry, I meant the priority thing - the heat is v.useful. If you are not running anything else the priority will make about .3% difference...
  13. You realise this does absolutely nothing useful? :cool: