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  1. I would suggest staying with air for the nF4 chip. There is a waterblock made, but I think the availability will be tough.
  2. Nope, unless you picked up a virus that is corrupting your boot sector and network drivers.
  3. As cmay119 mentioned, try the install with one stick of memory, as that will often do the trick.
  4. I would be inclined to swap out the PSU, as it sounds like it is not getting a 'power good' signal.
  5. I checked out your case design, Cproflow, and your temps are actually consistent with my expectations and other reviews. First off, remember that the Aurora is designed as a water cooling case, which means that the heat from the CPU, chipset and possibly even the graphics cards, will be directly removed from the case and not significantly add to the interior case temperature. That said, the case looks like it should be a good air cooled case. Unfortunately, it appears that such is not the ...umm case. The case is designed as a negative pressure case, as evidenced by 2 x 120mm exhaust fans and 1 x 120mm filtered intake fan. The airflow from the front fan will do an excellent job of cooling the HD, then flow in an 'S' pattern upwards, to exhaust out the rear 120's. Due to the negative case pressure, the remainder of the intake air comes from the side screen. Now here is the rub, 2/3 of the side screen is above your graphics card(s), which means that most of the airflow from the side screen is above the card(s), doing them no good whatsoever. Clearly, if the cards were water cooled, this would not be a problem. Anyway, my advice would be to install a side fan blowing directly onto the cards and/or the nF4 fan.
  6. Every 3 pin LED connector that I have ever seen, uses one pin for ground, one pin for standby and one pin for active power on.
  7. The DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D is one of the finest motherboards I have ever used, and I have used lots. The vast majority of problems you will find described, are in fact operator error, where instructions are not followed, or the OS has become unstable. Buy with confidence, knowing that you will have the toughest MB ever made.
  8. Oh yes, I almost forgot. Try Sleemans 'Honey Brown' = nectar of the Gods. :nod:
  9. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to access any files through a different RAID setup. Sorry.
  10. You have to format the remainder of the raw partition as NTFS, through Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management. Right click on the white area of the RAW section and choose 'format'.
  11. Welcome to the crowd! Looks like a nice setup. The only thing that will drag the performance down is the single 1G stick of RAM. You won't be running dual channel, but I suppose you already know that.
  12. Pretty much. Configure the Windows power saving as 'Always On' and you don't have to worry about the monitor either, as it will go into a sleep state by itself.
  13. For me, the Marvel is the fastest and most stable.
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