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  1. ok. thanks for the help. does my board support the toledo? edit: i did do some research and unfortunatley it seems like no shop is seeling the toledo dual core socket 939 anymore. this really sucks. does anybody know a shop in germany where i could get this cpu? and if not, what would be the next logical step? new mainboard + new cpu? intel? i am confused....
  2. I certainly do not want a Sli solution. So I think I will take the TX 650. Or is there a cheaper and better solution? Grüße nach ???? zurück.
  3. Hi, I plan to upgrade my CPU. At the moment I can't decide wehter to take San Diego 4000 + or a Manchchester 3800+. Which one would be the better CPU for games etc. And which one would be good for overlocking?
  4. Hi, I just wanted to know wether this PSU will fit for my system? I plan to upgrade the cpu in a couple of month and maybe I will buy a new video card as well. So would this PSU be sufficent? It has 52A on the 12 V. Thanks for answers.
  5. well i am using a ps2 keyboard. and what is the insert key? i know that my psu is not on the list but it has been wqorking fine for half a year. same thing with my ballistix. this is really weird.
  6. well this is all very strange. now the system is booting and the leds go from 4 to 1. however i cannot get into bios i can press del as often as i want there is only the screen with the dfi logo. beside that nothing happens. is there any trick how i can get into bios? and my old problems were that i was getting blue screens all the time saying irgl_not_less_or_equal or error in acpi.sys and so on. i had to switch off my pc wait for one day and then it would work for a couple of hours. i tried to reinstall windows but i was getting blue screens when i tried to do so. i think there might be a viurs on the system and even in the bios?! so i wanted to flash a new bios and format my complete hard drive. this drives me nuts.
  7. hi! my system is not booting up. i have had some struggle with my system in the last couple month before that it ran fine. so i decided to update the bios. i pulled out the battery and cleared cmos, after that i put the battery back in but now i do not get a boot screen. my monitor just shows nothing. maybe somebody could help me?! i have to add that i did take out my geforce and unplugged the hard disk becuase i cleaned eyerything. put i did put it all back in the right place.
  8. I am currently at 2.5 ghz. The problem is that i still have to use my old cooler so i guess i cannot really get the maximum out of my cpu
  9. i am am planning to get 3 new delta fans(2*80mm and 1*120mm) into my case (cs-601). this fact and a couple of other projects i have in mind need a psu that provides sufficent power. by the way is it a problem to let the deltas run @5v and if needed switch them to 12v?! i want to get a control panel (don' know the right word for it) for all my fans...and i want to hit 2,8 ghz :tooth:
  10. hi! i am thinking to get the this: Enermax EG 701 AX-VE(G) 600 Watt + 3,3 Volt 34 A + 5 Volt 34 A + 12 Volt 1 18 A + 12 Volt 2 18 A - 12 Volt 0,8 A + 5 Volt Vsb 2,5 A Are there any known issues with that psu and a DFI Lanparty UT SLI-D?
  11. Hi! Since we have people form many diffrent places here i would like to know your connection speed. we could make a chart for every country. i just made a test here http://www.netzwelt.de/tools/dsl-speedtest/ and i had an upload from 64 kb/s which equals 0.5 mbit which is what i should get and for download i have 286.66 kb/s i shpuld have 4 mbits my ping is 25.89ms I pay around 30 euro for internet per month and no limits what so ever (the only thing is that after 24 hours i have to reconnect). What about you guys? oh and mybe you guys have a better speedtest....
  12. try to run your system @default settings and compare it to other systems that fast. if it is as "fast" as other system, that run at defaults, then you can try to move up again and see what happens. thats what i would do anyways... if it is slower then a comparably system @defaults then you should check what could cause the fualt (psu, ram etc) and reinstall windows like described in that one thread here. i am still not 100% sure about this board but i guess it would not hurt to run your system @default settings.
  13. well how much power does your psu have? should be at 480w...
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