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  1. hey guys, i got got the OCZ Plat Rev 2 PC3200 2X512. Every thing is set at default, running at 2-2-2-5. the only exception is the DRAM voltage at 2.8 from 2.6. I couldn't run the ram at 2.6, i would get the blue screen of death, and quickly the windows would start. But after bumping it to 2.8, it is working now. My problem now is the memtest. I got the newest version on a floppy and ran it, but it would always freeze after about 15-20 min, without any error postings. Once it went 2 hours. Does anybody know what the problem is? i am new to this so any help would be appreciated. I haven't tried prime95, as i'm afraid too My cpu is also at default, no OC. I used to have a corsair ram and i was running everything at 235x11 very stable. Otherwise my rig is the same. Thanks edit: the last two tries, the memtest faild on test 8 right about the same time...at 16:50 or so.
  2. what are you talking about?? it fits mine BFG 7800GT perfetcly for a week now nice temps, no problem at all
  3. one thing, these Panaflo fans don't have sensors in them, so controling it through the mobo is no good.
  4. hey guys, I was thinking of getting this case as well. But as i read and saw more pics of this case, i realised that i needed a power supply with LONG cables. Do you think my power supply has enough length? Thanks
  5. hi guys, this is my first post, how do you configure it not to do it? thanks
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