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  1. I've looked thru your LanParty menu, but was not able to find one for the LanParty nF4 SLI-DR or would that be consider as Option #4 (LanParty Bios's)? Buggin
  2. I have a question... By making these changes, how does this affect me in the future, when games can utilized Dual Core CPU's?
  3. I'm running 260 x 10 (1:01), Vcore @ 1.4v with 110% on the Above VID. Underload it's running between 33c-35c on the CPU and 40c on the PWMIC. I'll try mounting or placing a 120x120mm fan and see if it makes any difference. Thx for the input.
  4. I ran both instances of Prime95 and passed the first series of test, but the temperature shot up to about 60c and 66c for the CPU and PWMIC on a average. What is the fail safe temperature that I should worry about?
  5. The affinity is set correctly, I remember looking @ that to make sure it was set right. I will go home tonite and go with A_G route. Will keep u posted....Thanks!
  6. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum or not, You can move it if it's not. I've tried running 2 instances of Prime95, one for each core, chose 800MB of Ram for each, I've noticed that after a few minutes of running, both cores are running less than 10% respectively, but the memory is being allocated to about 3GB in Task Manager. Looking upon the status in Prime, I've noticed one instance is way ahead the other, is this right? As far as I could remember, both instance should be about the same. Is there something wrong?
  7. I would like to say "Thank You" for posting that link up, I tried Madden06 after the Hotfix procedure and it seem like it fix that Fast Forward bug, I'm going to try Rome: Total War tonite.
  8. Do you have a quick link on how to do this?
  9. The system was running fine for over the past 6 months, O/C the X2 to 2.6Ghz. Here are a few scenarios on what have happened over time. Playing Madden06, the actual gameplay would move like it's in Fast Forward mode, everything would move so fast, usually a simple reboot would fix the problem, but not anymore. Same thing when playing Rome: Total War, when I go into battle mode, all the units would move fast, running around like crazed madmen. But when it came to BF2, all is normal...i found that kind of odd. So I ran a Memtest on the Ballastix and behold, errors started popping out, I called up Crucial and they would RMA it. I got hold of some Dell RAM, just to keep my rig up and running until the new Ballastix came in, I've tried running Madden06, but the same problem would occur. I ran the Memtest for over 2 hours on the Dell's, but no error. This morning, when I tried to boot up the PC, it would hang almost everytime I tried to hit the "Del" key or moving within the BIOS menu. I tried installing the AMD64 driver last week, but I think that made it worse. I'm kind of leaning towards a bad mobo @ this point, but I'm going to re-install Windows first, before I made that judgement call. Anyone care to chime in their thoughts?
  10. The system was fine, up until recently. I've also noticed that I would get random freeze on the desktop or my game would starting hanging/crashing. I don't believe it's a software issue, since I haven't really installed any software as of lately. Temperature idles around 28-30c and it would run as high as 40c under full load. I ran 2 instance of 2 Prime95 a couple of weeks ago, for 24 hours with no problem.
  11. Until recently, I've noticed that my BIOS would just hang on the DFI LanParty logo, I would either have to do an ATL-CTRL-Delete or a shutdown. I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem.
  12. I can vouch about the 1G theory on BF2. Upgraded to 2G and the choppiness disappeared.
  13. 4.5 sounds kind of ridiculous. I'm stable @ 2.50Ghz running vCore @ 1.4
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