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  1. a little off the line, but not really at the same time...boy that was a mouth full. Don't forget to check the simple things. I've had system power switches short out hence always trying to turn off as soon as they are turned on. I'm sure that's not your case but don't forget the little things.
  2. I just got Nvidia's beta drivers last night and have had good luck thus far. From many cs source crashes to none so far. Haven't tried any other games tho.
  3. I have the 500w Liberty and it's done nothing bud good for me and my expert so far.
  4. well, seems to be running great so far.....don't know if anyone has tried it but it may be worth a click. EDIT: scratch that, as soon as I ran quake 4 it took a digger.
  5. black screen doesn't sound so good ..... I've been just getting a looping sound and frozen graphics...soemtimes the system is recoverable. I've done two things....Installed the latest drivers and also enabled sli-antialiasing But instead of changing that, I went to amds site and installed the x2 winxp driver so we'll see how that pans out and i'll post back.
  6. so....what is too much voltage for these cpus ? If I up my Vcore to a high level and get a good OC and temp, does it wash out the risk due to safe temps ? I've had my x2 4800 up to 2.9ghz but not stable. 2.8 is stable but i'm running 2.7xx now at a low Vdc. I'm watercooled also.
  7. looks like it's a .net now http://www.plasticrandom.net/
  8. is plastic random down or am i typing it wrong :-(
  9. Holy effin shiznazzle ! ! ! ! I'm jealous ! I'm running about 515/1.35 right now. Now that i'm seeing you have those settings I guess I'll try and drive this beauty harder after I get some mem sinks. What is a safe high temp for these cards ?
  10. 3DMark06: 8332 new score with my x2 4800+
  11. okay, well the system is complete. Everything is running great. So far i'm getting 2.856 ghz out of my x2 4800+ and it seems to be the stable limit. My 2 evga cards are running at 515mhz / 1.35 Ghz. so overall i'm quite happy. My system is cool and quiet. YAY ! I can't remember who said it...but cooling the gpu's and not the memory really doesn't seem to be a bad idea. I'm not saying don't put heatsinks on...but I certainly don't think they need liquid cooling. I can put my hand on the bare surface mounts and they're not what I could call HOT. I'll drop some pics here before I close it up. Very happy with the maze 4 setup.
  12. lol i was thinkin the same thing......but i'm already on thin ice w/ the wife after jumpin for the x2 4800+.....boy if she ever found out what it really cost :angel:
  13. lol yeah...but I would've expected it to create a permanent short....though i'm not complaining that it dind't :-) So it's actually not too bad....it was more of a low value resistor....I'm gonna go pouring it on my cpu tho :-) thanks again.
  14. EXTRAPICKLES ! ! ! ! You're 1000 post was obviously meant to be here ! ! ! ! I put the dryer high and low on it for about 10 mins and removed the mobo tray and dried everything.....thinking it wasn't gonna do anything. WRONG....She's runnin like a OC'd CHAMP ! ! ! So.....if ur system won't start...fire up the hair dryer :-) THank you so much...
  15. roger that technodanvan......It looks like the board is conformal coated so there is hope :-) i'm about to plug it in and see if there is any luck.... Doesn' anyone know which pins to jump to get the psu to run without being connected to the system...then I can check all my VDC
  16. HA HA HA, glad I could be part of your millenium post ! :-) I'll try the hair dryer right now....COME ON BABY ! I got a feeling I roasted something in the psu..... no i gotta go to best buy or something just to get a psu quicklike :-(
  17. i'm about to give it a "blow job" :-) and no, my computer is pretty much brand new...virtually dustless. Yeah, the silverstone has the psu on the bottom..... I'm gonna go give it a clean out, though I don't see it making a difference. What confused the 5h1t out of me is the simple fact the computer would actually run a couple times......so hats off to the expert for taking a beating while it was on. Man, i'm bummin. gonna go give it some forced air.
  18. yeah, the bottom of teh mobo near the bottom slots...... I cleaned it up, but there is no saying it didn't get into the pci slots though but it's "non-conductive" right :-) fluid-xp
  19. Well, just another day in the life of me. My system has been running great but I notice I have a kink in my new liquid cooling system so I put a elbow in and lost some fluid in the process. The good news is I used the fluid xp which claims to be non-conductive and non-8million other things. Well, I clean up my little mess and check to make sure all is good. Plug the power in but still have the main switch off...... plug in my mouse, keyboard, speakers, video, then I plug in my USB and get to my last one (dell all in one printer) and turn on the psu switch.... Bam I get a arcing sound and the computer is trying to turn itself on/off/on/off and so on. I unplugged it as fast as I could and scoped everything out...looked alright....so I just unplugged everything but one video card.....same thing as soon as I apply power. I noticed it was a clock cycle sounding like 60hz so I pushed the power button and sure enough the pc starts up and gets into bios and seems okay....but it's showing 1 led still illuminated. Counts down from 4 to 3 to 2 to 1. Everything seems operational so I try to boot windows and bam it shuts down and begins its on/off/on/off game. When I did start it, it recognized my video, cpu, memory, and peripherals....so i'm banking on the psu. I don't have another one to test it with...only and old 300watt one....I plugged it in and it just goes into a high pitch whine....my guess it doens't have the power or pheraps the board is damaged also ? So.....i'm guessing I took out a 5 or 12 vdc line ? ? My HUGE questions are.....does anyone think the mobo is damaged and sounds like i'm due for a new psu. Sorry for the drawn out story, but figured it was best to say it as it happened. thanks for any help.
  20. gotta love the wife...stayed at home for me for 3 hours just to wait and make sure I got my stuff. Then she has to work tonight so i'll have the place to myself to get all my goodies installed :-D
  21. before you call it a day i would get my hands on a different mfg and see what happens.
  22. OH IMAGINE THAT ! They didn't leave a tag where I could sign to have it dropped off w/ out a signature...WHAT A SHOCK. Just another day in the life of my luck. So now, they will try to deliver it again and hopefully this time they will leave a tag so I can fill it out. This time there will be a poster size paper w/ 72pt font asking them to leave the packages.....so at least they won't forget a tag ! ! ! ! GRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  23. I've had 2 sets of corsair and havne't had the greatest luck w/ them......they just never seem to run as well as stated. At least the way I set em up. Different stroke for diff folks i guess. Have you tried a different mfg's ram like ocz or g skill ? I had the same problem on an old nf2 but it was clear no matter what you put in it wouldn't run dual ch...only single....hence board issue.
  24. my buddy just called me for help....heartbroken lol. jumping ship from intel to amd and couldn't get through xp setup with his wd 74 gig raptor.....changed this, changed that.... then I found out his ram was in the yellows....for $|-|it5 and giggles I had him pop it in the orange and BAM! home free So, it's deffinetly picky !
  25. yeah i hear ya :-( I makin a phone call like it's cool right now :-) and a note on the front door. Or I just might have to suddenly get sick and stay home tomorrow
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