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  1. well ran aq03 (note I haven't changed anything execpt turn off v-sync in CS:S) and got 8k for gpu and 12k for cpu (60k total) this is wierd.
  2. I have turned off v-sync and in CS:S I'll get 100fps now. Idk wtf was wrong with this, but I don't want to run without v-sync bc I get tearing. So I'm not really solving my problem. XFX support said it's probably not a part of the ram going bad or something like that.
  3. No I have kept up to date as much as possible with the latest drivers released.
  4. yes it's on and has always been on. I don't see how that could affect this at all. Refresh rate is set at 75hz.
  5. Ok well A little while back I noticed some fps drops in performance but never really looked into. Now I am and man, something is serious messed up. I'm on the latest drivers and my core/mem frequencies are all set at their normal settings. Have never OC'd this card. In cs:s I get about 40-50fps(used to get max), in AoE3 I get 15fps (used to be around 30-40fps), in oblivion it's around 15-30fps. I ran a AQ'03 test and this is what I got. 5k in GPU 12k CPU 46k total It used to be almost 12k each and 80k total. Btw temps have been nothing but great. 40C idle 50-60c load Does anyone have any ideas on what my problem could be and/or what I could do to fix it? Idk if I can RMA because it doesn't seem like anythings wrong with it physically, like it plays games fine just not up to what it used to be.
  6. yea man but when did you get those? there was a time when 2x1gb ddr could be had for like 130$ usd after rebates. now it's freaking insane.
  7. im in the same boat as you, stuck with a somewhat rare 1gb kit and thought the 2x1gb kits would drop in price. now im thinking ill never get 2gb of ram.
  8. hello, i have 2x512mb ocz pc3200 gold VX ram and and currently running at 225mhz and 2-2-2-5 1T (3.2v) and was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a list of good genie bios settings for this ram. i have seen it on the offical ocz forums before but i was unable to find it this time i searched. also just another question, if i wanted to upgrade to 2gb of ram would it be wise to get another 2x512mb kit? i know bh-5(think that's what this vx is) is quite rare nowadays. all help appreciated.
  9. ok so yea, i know that this gets asked way to much but i just need some advice. i currently have 2x512mb of OCZ gold VX pc3200 ram which im running at 2-2-2-5 1T 225mhz with the cpu at 2700mhz. vcore of 1.5 and vdimm of 3.2v now i would like to upgrade to 2x1gb and i thought that since ddr2 is going to 'be the new standard' ddr memory would go down in price enough for it not to be that big of a deal decided what to get....well honestly i've seen some prices rise than what it was a little while before. now going 4x512mb is almost out of the question because no one sells ch-5 ram anymore...the only other ram (that i know of) that is like mine is muskin redline. both the redline and goldVX are out of production... the reason why these are the types is because they can withstand alot of vdimm and stay underwarranty and get good timings/clocks. looking back on all this, i shouldn't have gotten this ram but that was before the whole low vcore+high vdimm=cpu killer was know, which now im quite afraid of.... anyways, i couldn't combine this ram with some regular stuff because to get good OC's nothing else could withstand the high vdimm that this stuff does... but also how does the whole 4x512mb thing work (with my 144 which is e4? or are they e6?) even if i could get the extra 2x512mb pc3200 gold VX would my overclocks get 'hurt' by all dimm's full? so in conclusion, what should i do? i don't feel like spending 140$+ on 2x1gb of ram right now, do people think it will come down in price soon? i wouldn't mind spending like 140$ on 2x1gb if i could sell my 2x512mb OCZ pc3200 VX for like 100$ but i doubt someone would pay that much for them (i paid 160$)
  10. could you buy a copper heatspreader (like for ram on vga cards) and use arctic epoxy or whatever that stuff is, to stick the heatspreader to the pwmic? that might help out cooling
  11. which sig do you guys like better? or (btw these are from digitalblasphemy pictures) and hmm, odd signature didn't show up in that post at all :/
  12. lian li just know that the finish can scratch kinda easily.
  13. does anyone have a comparision or some 'user reviews' comparing the stock dfi sound to an audigy 2 or an x-fi?
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