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  1. Excellent!! all sorted guys, was the board after all! much liking the expert board. Ok guys... on my SLR DR i just made do with the stadard windows IDE / SATA drivers, they worked for the array etc but I couldn't enable the NCQ etc. I was very much put off installing the nvidia port drivers, but I need to do this to enable speeds of upto 3GB/S on supporting drives. Now the problem is I can't see my drive in my computer? I can see them when i boot up the nvidia raid utility as two drives primary / secondary. How will I get this to work? or will it mean me having to re-create the array again?! :S
  2. hi mate, i have labelled the exact ports, i drew a diagram and labelled the sata cables with black marker, however the SLI-DR expert - seems to have different port layout to the SLI-DR, but after hearing they are essentially the same ports it puts my mind at rest - however the expert the ports are 3GB instead of 1.5GB? Getting new board tomorrow so i guess tomorrow will be the day of reconing eh! not to mention 22 tomorrow lol, spending my birthday rebuilding my bloody machine ackers.
  3. Guys? Im scared for losing my data on my Raid O drives = 2*250gb Sata 2 Hitachi deskstars (raid 0) Basically my board has failed and I have those drives above striped together on the Nvidia ports. Now when I connect these back up to the new ports will they automatically be paired together? will I have to do any kind of special recovery,. This is pretty much the first time I have created a raid and I can't believe I Was so foolish as to not back up at least my music onto a static drive. If i connect these back up on the new board, obviously I dont want to create a new array, im just praying I can recover the data, as I have around 400gb of data that I could lose. Any help appreciated, btw my old board was the one in my sig. New board is the expert version (as overclockers do not stock the SLI-DR anymore :S). Thanks in advance.
  4. Guys? Im scared for losing my data on my Raid O drives = 2*250gb Sata 2 Hitachi deskstars (raid 0) If i connect these back up on the new board, obviously I dont want to create a new array, im just praying i can recover the data, as I have around 400gb of data that I could lose. INLCUDING MY MUSIC, OMFG>
  5. i've tried running with no memory at all (hence listening for the beeps from the speaker), one memory stick in one slot. I've also tested... My two sticks of memory in a friends machine ( no issues working fine). MY VGA in a friends machine (fine). I tested my friends PSU on my motherboard (no post). It's gotta be the Motherboard! just hoping it aint the CPU . Either way both are covered. I think TBH I will keep the modular PSU, as I have heard excellent things about it and wanted a modular for years, but at the time tot HIPER was about the best and that had some serious issues. That way I will have a spare PSU to boot, so I an just sent my board back for a refund.
  6. well it was more towards what do you guys think is wrong? the big question is "what does light #1 OFF and #2#3#4 ON mean on the diagnostic light with the SLi-DR? and yes i most certainly do have all 4 leads in i'm not a fool hehe .` my board cos £148 nback in sept it's now £122 and i get the price i paid refunded, so technically that would net me £26 profit
  7. Ugh, so I try to boot up my sytem 2 days ago? getting nothing... nothing but all my fans spinning at full speed. and no posting sounds what-so-ever. to cut a long story short... I took my board out of case, tried to run with the bare basics : -motherboard out of case on piece of thick cardboard. - one stick of memory in yellow slot. - cpu / fan (obviously ). - case speaker lead connected (for diagnostics). I don't get any beeps what-so-ever. I have to hold down the power button for 4 seconds to get it to turn off. also guys, you know with that diagnostic 4 light panel? the first light is off, but lights 2,3,4 are on? I've tried to fathom out what this means from the manual, it means cpu,dram and vga detected??? Ugh im thinking it's either Motherboard or PSU. I spoke to OC who i ordered from and they agree either PSU or motherboard? but im having thought maybe CPU? considering my parts have dropped in price I could end up making cash... Either way due to my supreme impatience (and the bloody fact Morrowind Oblivion is out in USA today and UK stores on friday) I have ordered a new PSU (the new modular 620w enermax) and a replacement motherboard (same one as sig). Overclockers have said I get 7 days to return parts in new order, so I can return whats broken for a full refund and the working bits. However I am very tempted to keep the new modular 620w enermax as i love modular PSU, but at the time the enermax 600w was the best I can order. Any advice greatly appreciated,
  8. I'm sure you've tried this but.... My 4400 will not go above 2.7 either on a *10 multiplier (just reboots), it is very very fussy, However when I up the mutliplier to *11 I can get it just over 3ghz on Air. I haven't had the time to spend lately with the massive amount of work and life issues i've had on to work out my stable overclock... but im putting my life into overclocking my machine effectively next month .
  9. Ahh i've not taken to overclocking my card yet, that's still to come hehe. Cool good to see there is some guys nearby .
  10. Answered my own question, i changed the ram timings to 2.5 2 3 4 7 Much more leway, can run 225fsh @ 1:1 getting there need greater understanding of the ram timings, much reading to do one thing i do know is my chip dislikes *10 about 245 but loves *11 multiplyer lol
  11. im very unahppy i only get 205 @ 1:1 with *11 multiplyer, ugh thats with the OCZ memory in sig, i may send back and get the bastillix im new to overclocking,,,would i need to change jumper to take memory above 2.8v?
  12. No probs, ran through several tests and the brute force
  13. pc is being really funny booting with *10 multiplyer, will work 250*10, anything above = wont get to windows screen HOWEVER works with the *11 multiplyer no probs currently at 260*11 5/6 divider CPC enabled lol dont understand... Have my CPU core set to 1.425*+110% thing (around 1.58 max) pc boots and 3d mark sucessful Do i lose much running on the divider compared to 1:1 cos uhm lol cant get far on 1:1...saying that guys im leaving most memory options on auto
  14. running at 11*250 5/6 divider ddr 333 cpc enabled smooth and fast as hell 2.75 ghz or so, i like it 48c under load. no crashes yet! going to tamper with memory settings hehe!
  15. YAY! having fuin guys I actually read an studied the whole overclocking guide! and got to work, so please i actually have some understanding in what im doing! my issues where with the memory, i cant run the memory at more than like 205 1:1 so im running at ddr 333 5/6 divider, running 240*11 / 2.64ghz, stable as hell, idle now is 36, load 44-47, my delta kicks in at 45 lol! changing things bit by bit, not doing extensive hour long testing yet, ill do that as i push the bars a bit! but ran a few benchmarks so far all good hehe Thanks for help, and my god that a64 overclocking guide, the guy deserves a medal anyone got any ideas why i can only get 205fsb 1:1? do i need to be more specific in my ram timing settings, or should auto work fine? thanks in advance
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