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  1. As soon as I got rid of any NVIDIA drivers but ethernet and audio, the system seemed to stabilize I had to upgrade the marvell driver to activate that ethernet port, since the provided driver simply said "cable disconnected". Now I'm almost happy since I can see, and apparently use, my SATA drive as storage. I still would like to know why I couldn't install on the SATA directly. Alex
  2. Ok, As I told you, I managed to install Windows XP on an IDE driver, with my SATA disabled. I went and installed the latest NVIDIA drivers from their site, re-enabled SATA and, oh boy!, it doesn's stop from BSOD after a few moments of login in with my xp user. I tried disabling back SATA but I keep getting the BSODs with a stop message I can't read, since it reboots so fast... Seems like it was a bad idea to install NVIDIA newest drivers, I guess I'll have to repeat windows installation and this time keep the provided drivers. Any ideas?
  3. Guys, excuse me. You are all fascinated with RAM. Even if memtest comes out clean it's gotta be the RAM. Why? Well: it wasn't, let me tell you. I was able to install Windows XP on an IDE disk, after disabling the on board SATA controller. When the windows installer came out, it right away told there was a problem when loading nvraid.sys. Maybe it was because SATA was disabled, but then, why did it try to load the driver? Anyways, with this setup I could install Windows XP but I had to put an IDE drive in the game. I now want to enable SATA so at least I am able to use my new SATA drive for storage. Maybe it's a good idea no to automatically blame RAM for everything, thats something I see a lot around here. Now I wan't to know if I have a problem with my MOBO, BIOS or something, since a lot of people seems to be able to install XP without issues right out of the box, with SATA, and I can't. Thanks, Alex
  4. I just ran 12 hours of memtest on my value ram and it came out clean as a whistle, on optimized defaults. So, It can't be the memory, right?
  5. I'm sorry... what's 2t? All my problems started because I can't install windows xp: it hangs when copying "driver.cab" every time. Now that I'm running with new memory and still can't get past away the driver.cab file, I feel hopeless and stuck... Don't know what to do... BTW: I love linux. Haven't had any trouble with it. Not even with my decaying ballsitix. Course I'm not waiting to see if it goes bad... tomorrow I'll RMA them Alex
  6. deja100, I would like to know if you solved your problem. I've been having the infamous problem of Windows XP installation hanging at 11% on driver.cab and haven't been able to sort it out. At first, I thought that maybe my Crucial Ballistix had been gone bad as for a lot of people. I ran memtest and sure: it wasn't ok. So I'm RMAing the sticks. But now I'm using a pair of new sticks of value ram and keep stuck with the same problem. If by any chance you read this, I'm crying for help. PD: The new sticks are Kingston value ram and I'm using "optimized defaults" Thanks, Alex
  7. OK, I'll do the RMA thing with my ballistix tomorrow. Now, I've got four sticks of 512MB value ram I want to use while I get my Ballistix back. I can get my MoBo to work only with two sticks on orange banks. If I put the four sticks on orange and yellow banks, I beeps continously but it won't boot. How can I use the four banks at the same time? Thanks, Alex
  8. Hi guys. I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to RMA my Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB in a couple of days. I just need to get some temporary replacement until Crucial sends my new memory back. Do you think I can get away with Kingston value 2x512? I don't have many options here in Mexico. Too bad for my Crucial. I had lots of expectations being a recognized brand. I hope that the RMA replacement come soon and won't fail again... Alex
  9. I talked to Crucial and I will RMA my sticks. I guess they know what's going on. Or do you think there's a chance that they say there's anythiong wrong with it and send back the same sticks? I guess they know they are bad since I just gave them the part numbers and they replied with the RMA number right away no further questions asked... Now: I need some backup memory while I get the new one. Do you think any value ram will do?
  10. I'm very, very sad. I just ran memtest86 for about 45 minuts and it came out with a couple of errors. When I flashed the new BIOS some months ago I ran it for a whole day and it came out nice and clean. Ever since then I've been running my Linux box happily. What ever happend? Alex
  11. I just tried some settings recommended in the thread you mention: Motherboard: DFI Lan Party NF4 Ultra-D SLI Processor: AMD Athlon 64bit 3200+ Timings: 3-3-3-8 CPU voltage: 1.40v CPU/FSB fequency ratio: 8x memory voltage: 2.6v FSB: 250MHz LDT/FSB ratio: x 3.0 CPU above VID: 104% TCL: 3 TRAS: 3 TRP: 3 TRC: 8 TRRD: 2 TWR: 2 TWTR: 2 TRWT: 3 TREF: 2592 DRAM Response time: Normal Whith these, my Linux kernel just blew up. I had to go back to "optimized settings", which is what has kept me going on without problems since I got my machine last year. I don't really understand what you say about degraded memory. Guess I didn't read carefully the awfully long thread. But the whole idea of returning my memory to Crucial (I'm in Mexico) bothers me for a number of reasons. Firstly: I don't have any backup memory around and I'm out of money for the time being. Alex
  12. I've been running my machine for several months under Linux and haven't had any issues after I solved some inestability problems with my memory by upgrading my BIOS (to 310, I think). Now that I'm trying to install Windows XP I can't get past the "copying files" screen. It stucks right in the driver.cab file. I switched installation CDs, tried SP2 slipedstream and plain XP.. nothing works. The only pointers I found to this problem are memory inestability, and this kind of shocks me, because as I said, I haven't had any troubles: Linux runs fine and I can even run a pair of vmware Windows XPs inside of it. Runs very fine under load then. So, I'm willing to try a new BIOS and memory settings, but I'm lost in the sea of recommendations. I don't know a lot of overclocking and I'm not really interested. I wan't a smooth, stable system, cause I do my evryday work in it. Could you please help me out pointing me to the best all-around BIOS and settings for my setup? And if you have any idea on how to solve my Windows XP installation problem, I will be so grateful as well... Thanks, guys, in advance... Alex
  13. But if you notice, this doesn't really have anything to do with Linux. I took that disk out and I'm installing Windows XP in a brand new disk, alone. This way I'll get GRUB right later, when XP gets installed into its own disk. I know the drill, I might even tell you the grub config if you like... Alex
  14. Oh, and just make things clear in advance: The linux disk doesn't get in the way: I'm disconnecting it and connecting the new one, so the XP installer has the full machine! Alex
  15. Hello, guys. Here's my problem: I've been running Linux for months now, without issues. Initially I had to upgrade BIOS to stabilize my memore but that's it. Now I'm installing Windows XP SP2 (slipedstreamed) into a new SATA II disk, very similar to the linux one, only smaller. Well, it hangs while copying files, namely, drivers.cab (11%). The installation CD is fine: I just used it with VMWare in Linux and works like a charm. I haven't tried much, since it should work like it is because it is working with Linux. Any ideas?
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