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  1. Wait what? I mean thanks for explaining it but Im confused. :confused: Does the computer need to be off when I move the jumper? How long do I keep it moved? I love Aussies BTW. Canadians too...literaly(My Wifes Canadian).
  2. Okay, I know I waited a long time to do this but I got married and stuff and I put it off till now. Im gonna ask one more question but don't point and laugh at me making me cry... How do I clear the CMOS? Runs and hides.
  3. Again...Do I absolutely have to manually move the jumpers. IM LAZY!!! Can I just lower the voltage setting in the BIOS without having to open up my case and find that damn jumper grabie thing. Its a yes or no question.
  4. Forgive me for talking in vague language but I have a memory problem. I did this volt mod thing that I read about back on DFI-Street about a year ago to my DFI-NF4-SLI-DR. It basically was moving a jumper so that you could pump more juice to the RAM. I have it at 3.2 volts because I have some OCZ RAM that can go that high but now I got a new set of Mushkin PC 4000 Extreme Redlines(2.8-2.9 volts) waiting to be installed. So, my question is... DoI have to change that jumper back when I lower the voltage from the BIOS and plug in my Redlines or can I just lower it from the BIOS and leave the jumper where it is? Also, if I do have to move the jumpers back could you please tell me where they are. I forgot. A pic would be awesome. Thank you.
  5. I own a DFI NF4 so I know about the MBM5 thing with the modified file. But what about this crossfire board? What Temperature program works for CPU temps?
  6. Hi DFI guys! My friend has a pair of Mushkin Extreme Performance DDR 500. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146397 Can you guys recommend some timings to use please? If you can't be bothered with writing a string of numbers can you tell me what memory this is similar to so I can look it up in the overclocking database? I have no experience with this memory so I would appreciate some input. Thanx in advance! _Oblivion Nut.
  7. Should he assume the driver install procedure is the same as the NF4? What is different about this board? Are there any known bugs/complications? Thanx in Advance! -Oblivion Nut
  8. Hi guys, Ixidorsbane is a friend of mine and I recommended he get this board. While I know the DFI NF4 like the back of my hand thanks to you guys, I don't know anything about the ATI version in regards to driver installation procedure. Im guessing like the NF4 installing cool and quiet is a no-no if your going to overclock. Please help my buddy out and make him love DFI like I do. Thanks.
  9. 4328 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=13301 I wonder how going SLI will effect my score. This thing almost gave my rig a stroke.
  10. Screw the sensor. Im going after da chip. Thanks for that pic but like I said, anyone seen that picture with the screws that I was talkn about? I don't have a glue gun
  11. Ive searched and searched but to no avail,I could not find a picture of somebodys PWMIC mod where they had long screws which connected a 80 mm fan to the motherboard over the PWMIC area. Im looking for such screws right now and need that picture for referance. Please help me my PWMIC temp is over 70 when playing counter strike. I cant play untill I fix this.
  12. I'm having a major problems with my PC It all started last sunday, after a good night's worth of gaming I went to slep only to find that my computer was resetting when I loaded Windows. So I got my mate to come and have a look at it, he brought linux which ran but didn't do anything else (no editing files, no games, nothing). now I have my XP cd back from him (I lent it to him) all the cd wants to do is install XP on my other HDD partitions, I don't want that. My PC has a lot of trouble reparing itself using the cd, to the point where i have two corrupt Windows installs, all i want to do is format two partitions and install Windows on my C drive but it won't.
  13. Wait a minute. I thought we were NOT supposed to install the Nvidia firewall. Besides I installed it on another computer with an Asus A8n board and it was a big hassle. Everytime something new came up it tried to block it. I had to remove it. It drove me nuts. Nutty nutty nuts I tell you! :shake:
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