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  1. Ah I guess a new motherboard is the only way.
  2. thanks for sych great here guys! Only thing is I don't use ethernet at all to connect to the net all I use is USB router
  3. Sorry, I'm a n00b, may I ask howto do that
  4. Oh I totally understand i should request them to fix it but thats like getting blood out of a stone. I connect to the net via a USB router only so the lan cards aren't even used I just have to find out how to chnge my MAC address.
  5. I'll be perfectly honest with you guys. I was working on a Ventrilo overlay for Battlefield 2, figured it would be a sweet tool. Loaded BF2 up and bang! you now have a hardware ban:(. I guess punkbuster recognises is as a hack of some kind. I even contacted PB with proof of what I was trying to do but they aint interested they say either way I was injecting game files to make a 3rf party programn to work, annoying as hell. So some of my friends tell me I need a new hard drive, so I'm going to try my D: as my main drive and that a new NIC card would change my MAC address. Fair ehough ban me if I was a cheat but I have been working on this programn for 4 months :'(. I would sincerely appreciate some help with this one guys. Many thanks!
  6. I'm told a new NIC card willchange my MAC address? I was wondering how to change the NIC card and what one I should get. Thanks.
  7. Hello guys. I am having some issues and figured this would be the place to ask. I have been told I need to change my MAC address, would this require a new NIC card? and could someone point me in the direction of doing this. Many thanks
  8. The router I got supports either USB or ethernet, I guess I should just try using ethernet.
  9. It doesn't work like that in the Uk, you either have a modem or a router connected, never both, I only ever use one.
  10. I have tried a number of things. I have a speedtouch modem which came with my ISP and a Zoom ADSL x4 router. Both have the same problem. With my speedtouch modem it shows most of the time I'm sending more bytes than I'm recieving, I have no viruses/spyware on the drive. I have tried 3 harddrives to be sure of this. I am using the same layout as on my old machine I used to have which is: phone line into back of modem, modem into USB slot. I have contacted my isp countless times and they can't seem to find anything wrong. At first I thought it may be my USB ports as they were not running the fastest drivers, so I upgraded them and still same problem. I then plugged in my USB router (exactly the same layout as the modem) and the same problems occured. I also pinging addresses via doss it doesn't show a loss of packets. I'm all out of ideas :confused: .
  11. Hello guys. Basicly ever since I built this system my internet connection has always had major problems. At first I thought it was my ISP but after constant testing we realised it wasn't. I am using a zoom ADSL 4x router which is connected through the USB port, I also tried a regular USB modem and recieve the same problem. Basicly most of the day my ping is ranging anywhere from 400- 1000 which makes it virtually impossible to do anything, I play alot o multiplayer games so this problem is giving me a real head ache. I don't know if it would make a difference but someone mentioned it could be something to do with my SATA drives, but I'm not convinced that a harddrive can cause internet problems. I'm on a 2 meg line and on my old system had an average of 90-100 ping. Any help would be much appreciated as I'm all out of ideas.
  12. I'm still here and will post soon :cool: .
  13. I originally had raid 0 installed but encountered problems so I decided to run them seperately and forgot to set it to just SATA instead of raid 0, the jumpers were both set the same (master) I removed both of them completely now. Seems to be ok for now but it can die on me after 1 reboot or 10 so I can't tell.
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