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  1. Many people seem to like the Sunbeams. ITs black and has 4 channels up to 20W and 0-12V, and its cheap
  2. yea ive got a few maxtor drives that have been working for years now
  3. Is that the same as the 930BF ? its got a contrast ratio of 700:1 and 4ms
  4. Well the quality of the picture isnt great, and well the start button is kind of big and annoying, but HERE it is.
  5. Not to make things more complex but Ive heared the dual core opterons can overclock more than the x2's. 165, 170, 175, 180 models Opteron Thread Dual core opteron newegg
  6. i had two fx 5200's, but they were agp and 128, but they came with one s-video port on each one. But if youre looking at something like THIS then it also comes with an s-video out edit: the bfg comes with an svideo port, says on their website
  7. I've had experiences with Harbor Freight like a saw that really wanted to chop my hand off almost was able to. Worst it did was launch a spring at me though...
  8. played twice an 84 and a 120.... not too bad for me....
  9. Introducing the New P7 90gHz HiperTreading Revision D2s1a Processor Guarenteed to Run at 90 gHz at 10000fsb*9mult in conjunction with DDR7 Ram We recommend using atleast Phasochill cooling on this cpu. Example: And since the P7 90gHz HiperTreading Processor uses 26712 wats we recomend using the PCP&C Ultra-Cool 51000 xps12 Powersupply as shown: Thank you for your interest in our product and we home you buy again
  10. I added myself along with this cow... :nod: I have no idea why i put my actual name instead of my username, but i guess it really doesnt matter that much
  11. Does anyone know how much of a difference there is between raid 5 and raid 0+1 if you have 4 drives or so. Other than you get less room on 0+1. does raid 0+1 have better performance? And do you have any advise about hard drives? 300gb Maxtor DIamondMax 10 250 GB Western Digital Caviar 250gb Seagate Barracuda the Maxor is Serial ATA150 while the other ones are sata 300, is there any real world difference? Or should i just get two raptors in raid 0.......
  12. a few here for $28 xp-90 and they also have a few bx panaflos
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