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  1. Hello. Ive got some problems with my computer , it reboots very often and sometimes it wont start.. it just beeps and shows 3 red lights. I wonder what could cause that to happen so i did reset cmos and checked all power cables and that stuff , but without change.. i still got that problem.. I disconnected the memory stick nearest the CPU (orange socket) then my computer works smooth and stable without any reboots or something. I want to run with 2 sticks? Whats the problem?? Could it be some Bios settings or do i got a non-working memory? Thanks for the help and sorry for my bad english //Adam. My sig shows the hardware im using.
  2. Take a look at my stepping in this list .. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=96900 It dont look that bad?
  3. I dont know what the latest one is , im using 704-2BT. Also , i could tell you one thing about my opty .. my friend tried it @ his dfi nf4 sli-dr he reached 2.7ghz @ 1.450v , dual prime95 stable for 12 hours thats why im worried about my OC .
  4. Okay , but 1 thing is strange.. it will boot only boot if i use the 1:1 divider , any other divider will not be bootable
  5. My memory settings: im running 1:1 [email protected] with timings 3-3-3-8. Using orange slots yes..
  6. Hello. Ive been trying to overclock this opty 165 with the CCBWE 0550 UPMW stepping. The stepping is told to be a good oc opty , ive seen some guys doin 2.8-3.0 ghz with less than 1.4v. I had my x2 3800+ before and i didnt reach more than 2.4-2.5 so i thought why not buy an opteron? Now i can reach 2400mhz with 1.450v. But one thing is weird with my computer.... it reboots and sometimes it wont boot.. (a guy told me to put away the memory near the cpu) and it boots and goes much better ... not a single reboot... why cant i run with 2x1024? :/ no matter if i set it @2T and looser timings.. I bought a new psu (hiper 580w) hoping to get better overclocks but i didnt.. ive running my mem before in [email protected] but now suddenly it wont work.. ive tried 2 sorts of bios.. 704-2BT and 623-3. Please help? Why cant i reach more than 2.4 no matter vcore on these cpus? How to do with this memory problem? thanks.
  7. My old X2 3800+ could reach 2.4ghz stable. Opteron got stepping CCBWE 0550 X2 was some early one , dont remember exactly XPMW.... I think theres some tweak or something that ive been missing..?
  8. Hello, i bought me an opteron 165 and i was hoping that it would overclock better than my previous x2 3800+. the x2 cpu reached 2.4ghz with alot of vcore so it didnt feel safe , i thought why not buy an opteron?. But , still got the overclocking problems Im using this hardware and settings: //HARDWARE// Opteron 165 DFI Lanparty Nf4 Ultra-D (704-2BT bios) Crucial Ballistix 2GB PC4000 TT Big typhoon Gainward 7800GT GFx (Voltmod [email protected] 490/1227.) Hiper 580w //SETTINGS// vcore:1.425-1.55 fsb/htt:3x or auto fsb:267-289 (even lower) multiplier 9x chipset voltage 1.5v-1.6v ram settings>2.7-2.8vdimm,timings 3-3-3-8(1T) (Ive tried all dividers and worked fine when set @ DDR200 too , passed memtest86 in a couple of hours) So , to sum up this. Ive tried running the cpu in speeds for 2400-2600Mhz (and lower) with a vcore from 1.425-1.55 , but without any luck. It fails in double prime95/superpi instantly. My temps are very fine so that shouldnt be a problem. Maybe its some kind of setting that needs to be fixed? Ive been trying with other memory (Corsair TWINX2048-3200C2) and another PSU (Antec smartpower2.0 450w) but with no changes in my oc. Please help! :drool: :nod:
  9. Sig updated! Yeah , ive tried 3x and even lower ... same problem :/
  10. psu is antec smartpower 2.0 450w , i need a better one right?
  11. Hello. I had some problems getting my previous cpu over 2500mhz (x2 3800+) and now i got problems with this one aswell! My friend bought this amd opteron 165 , and sold it to me i saw it running @ his home 2700Mhz flawless! (he wasnt running same PSU). Hes running same mobo (Dfi Lanparty Nf4 ultra-d)!. I tried it here , and the highest speed i could reach was 2400Mhz with 1.450 vcore , all other was too unstable , SAME PROBLEM as with the x2 3800+! Ive been switchin my memory , and now i bought this cpu. :cool: Ive been asking peeps , and most of them tells me i need some better power supply , maybe the Watts arent enough or the power rails are too unstable! Im running the gfx @ 1.5v , high clocks. 2gb crucial mem @ 270Mhz (3 hour memtest86 stable),1hdd 200gb,dvdr/cdr combo drive and a floppy (these are the things thats connected to the power supply). Some other people tells i should switch my mobo! but the same model? What do you guys think about this? Ive been messing around with dividers,HTT and stuff but this looks like it's some hardware prob! New PSU or MOBO? Please help! :confused:
  12. Maybe the voltage its giving me is too unstable or too low? I think i saw someone posting OCCT screen with some voltage statistics?
  13. were comparing apples to apples.. ram , cpu and gfx on his board and his psu. btw , im usin antec smartpower 2.0 450W.
  14. Hello. I had a amd x2 3800+ that was clocked to 2.5GHZ , because it couldnt go higher , not even with alot of voltage. I did sell it and i bought me amd opteron 165 0550UPMW and it wont reach more then 2.5-2.6 stable , i was hopin for at least 2.7 , doesnt matter how much voltage i use. Then , i was usin my friends amd 3700+ and he had it clocked to 3.0 stable with 1.525vcore (he was usin asus a8n-deluxe,tagan 580w) , i couldnt reach 2.6 stable no matter what voltage ,so i was thinkin that it could be my mobo or PSU? Maybe theres something wrong with em. :S i dunno :sad:
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