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  1. It's Creative....It's ALWAYS been Creative. I remember this same issue with the original SB Live! and VIA chipsets back in the day. When Creative can make a card that has as much compatability as Sound Quality I will use one. "X-fi" is a hype card. Again, everyone rushes out to get them cause it's the "popular" thing...and they run into problems. Reasearch BEFORE you buy! When will people learn
  2. The latest Version of Sisoft works FINE with the Expert. DJDave...Your having stability problems because your bios is not setup correctly. Don't create problems and confuse yourself at this point. Post your Bios settings related to CPU and DRAM and we will sort it out. A properly setup bios is the core of the system and will give you the stability you are seeking. Cheers Thrac
  3. It's most likely a memory issue. A misconfigured bios. Remember, prime95 and Memtest aren't the holy grail of stability everyone makes them out to be. Setting everything in your bios to "Auto" will NOT WORK. You need to setup your bios properly to be truly stable. 3d is a TRUE test as it stresses all part of your comp and as you see...you're failing 3d. Post your bios settings concerning CPU/DRAM and we can try to help. Cheers Thrac
  4. Amen...Overclocking takes skill, patience and a bit of luck as far as that golden cpu goes. My expert will clock just as high if not higher than my ultra-d. Your going to waste alot of time and energy selling one for another, only to end up with the same result. The people you are listening to might have more knowledge than you, but that doesn't mean they are right. Use your head...your about to downgrade (mods needed for LSI and sata II) for a board optimized for diff ram. Why not upgrade your memory instead? Oh the silliness these days :confused:
  5. of COURSE it's the settings. I am sooooo sick of people asking which settings they should use. When I bought my first DFI nf4 board I had a hell of a time getting stable. Know what I did to fix it? I READ AND LEARNED about each bios setting. People are lazy these days. They just wanna plug in some settings and POOF a magically wonderfully running computer. Read the DRAM guide here. Try diff settings and TEST. Test prime95,memtest AND 3d. Once you find the sweetspot you will thank me...although I come off pretty blunt. There are hundreds of post just like yours ...which could all be solved with a lil fine tuning , reading and patience. There are some dram settings that will affect stability more than the others. Both Drive strengths. Max Async Latency and Read Preamble. Play around with the drive strenths. Set max and read to 8/6. Cheers Thrac PS. I have used your mem before. Post your bios settings pertaining to CPU and Ram and we'll help ya out.
  6. I'll say this again..for the 8 calabizilionth time. AUTO or "Optimized defaults" is just a starting point. You need to setup your bios PROPERLY. Auto doesn't use "Spd" settings for every setting. It's not the magical "auto" everyone thinks it is. Read the Dram guide and learn about what each setting is and how it affects your computer/stability. I can enter my bios and set auto for everything...and I will STILL pass memtest and Prime but games will crash periodically and I will have random instabilites. Put the correct timings/settings in and I will regain all stability. For over 6 months now on 4 diff DFI NF4 setups. I URGE you to make the effort and learn about your bios. Your board will be a stable ROCK when your done. Also, it says in your sig you are running 11x255 for 2800mhz, but your bios screens say you are running 200x12 (or auto) for 2400mhz with a 250 divider, which is running your ram around 240fsb. Which is it? If you go back to Asus I'll buy your Venus and have it begging for mercy:) . Do the right thing and learn about your bios. Youll have a much easier time. Cheers Thrac
  7. You are willing to fork over the money for a DFI Venus but you not willing to supply it with adequate power? Without a decent PSU it's very hard to nail down what is causing your lockups. Post your bios settings for cpu and mem to rule out user error. Asus might be a better choice for you. Getting a DFI NF4 board to run the way you want takes skill, patience and adequate POWER. Your allready 1 shy and instability rears it's ugly head. Post your bios settings as stated above and we'll see what we can do. In the meantime..start saving your pennies for a decent PSU. Cheers Thrac
  8. Please do a SEARCH before asking such questions. We get these types of questions far too often. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823 There is NOT going to be a Easy guide with pictures...that gives you magical settings to overclock. You need to read that guide..ALL of it. Learn about overclocking. Learn what the settings are and how they affect your computer. Good Luck Thrac
  9. Sigh.... Why do you guy's think that leaving you bios settings on "Auto" will work? Loading "Optimized Defaults" is JUST A STARTING POINT". You bought a overclockers board, to run stock and you don't want to do the homework involved to get the correct settings which will ultimately lead to system stability. This is another TYPICAL case of user error. If the bios isn't setup correctly, how can you expect the hardware and software to run correctly? Read the DRAM guide here at the street. learn about each mem setting and how they affect your comp. Boot up with "ONE" stick of mem. Change EACH and every setting related to memory to the appropriate values. Test with Memtest, Prime and 3d. If you are stable put the second stick back in and test again. If you fail any tests, you will need to adjust your mem settings i.e voltage,timings etc. It's good that you at least test with memtest and prime...but as you saw 3d was the true stability test. Use that as a indicator that something is amiss. If you need further help with advanced bios settings let us know. Cheers Thrac
  10. You said it yourself. Your getting errors in Memtest. Hence the reason for your "Cold Boot". Think of it this way, if your computer booted first time everytime, even though you still had errors you wouldn't have even tested. You'd be running a unstable machine and most likely would be back here complaining of BSODs and other instabilities. I realise it seems like you should be able to just enter a few settings that "OCZ" gives you but such is life, things are never that easy. It would help immensly if you actually read the DRAM guide and knew what each setting was and how it affected your stability. You need to remove 1 stick of ram and setup your bios correctly. If memtest passes put the other stick back in and test again. If it fails to boot or memtest fails try upping the dram voltage and/or loosening./changing timings. Could we get you to post your bios settings related to cpu/mem? It might be something simple your overlooking. Cheers Thrac
  11. Then why buy a "Overclockers" motherboard? Also, it sounds as if you should have someone with a little more experience build and setup your computer for you. "Optimized Defaults" are just a starting point and will no doubt give you stability problems in the future. You bought a enthusiasts board. Do the research and find out what each setting does. Set them up accordingly and TEST. If your not willing to do this and just want to copy and paste others settings in your bios you should not have bought this or any other DFI nf4 motherboard. Just being real Thrac
  12. There should be a HUGE Sticky, or a HUGE red popup that SCREAMS "LOADING OPTIMIZED DEFAULTS IS JUST A STARTING POINT". It still amazes me that people buy performance/enthusiasts boards only to run stock speeds and default settings. Why not just buy a normal s939 board? :confused: DFI nf4 boards show thier true colors when overclocking. The boards were designed with oveclocking in mind. Many boards will give you much less hassle and just as much performance when running STOCK. Please put the correct settings in your bios. Running "Auto" on everything is just a disaster waiting to happen. Cheers Thrac
  13. There are many factors that come into play where memory is involved. Every setting for cpu and mem should be setup correctly, not just dram timings. Cpu and Memory voltages, advanced memory settings among others can make or brake a succesfull memtest run. Check the stock speed data base here on the "Street" and find a setup similar to your own. If you need further help on setting up other settings in your bios post back I will give ya a hand. Cheers, Thrac
  14. it's very likely NEITHER of the sticks are bad..but they miight not like the default settings in your bios. I've Preached and preached about setting the bios up correctly the first time to avoid issues like this. I always use one stick of ram to enter bios. Setup the bios with appropriate timings and settings for your CPU and Memory. Shut down and install second stick. Then TEST! Test with MORE than just memtest. Prime,Games, benches are all good to use when testing for stability. Your case sounds like a Dual chan vs Single chan issues which will more than likely be cleared up by applying the correct settings for your particular memory. Booting up and using "optimal Defaults" isn't the way to go. It's a simple solution to a problem that could and should have been corrected by the builder of the system. Instead of the headaches you went through and the numerous other hardware blamed it was, in the end, user error. There are a MILLION posts from people stating they have hardware failures and then ask for RMA info. The MAJORITY of these costly and uneeded requests could be eliminated by correcly setting up thier machine in the first place. An enthusiasts board run by newbies (newbie isn't a bad thing!) and it's ALWAYS the hardware thats to blame! /Rant Over Cheers Thrac
  15. MAC LAN = Disabled does not disable nvidia NIC.
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