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  1. no, eventually your closet will get warm due to lack of airflow.
  2. Whenever Pi 32M is finished, my computer would either freeze or reboot, overclock speed is like 2240 (280*8), any idea? I have changed RAM, power supply and nothing's improving.
  3. Voltage is not a black-white thing, your cpu will run at lower voltage that what manufacture suggests. For my 3800, it can run at stock speed at 1.17v (didn't try anything lower), then stable up to 2350 at 1.23v, then up to 2450 at 1.32v, to go higher you need to raise voltage more.
  4. Not exactly. There is a difference between running two programs on a dual core and running one program on a dual core. For example, since each core is independent of each other, running two programs will result in each on one of the cores, so you get double output at 100% efficiency. In other words, that particular program DOES NOT take any advantage of dual core, it is the fact that you run two of them at once makes it double the output. Get it? However if you do 3D rendering or video compression, obviously you can't run two of them at once. So what the program does is that it splits its job to two cores, however that's hardly 100% efficient, it has a lot to do with how the software is written and how it communicate with the hardware. Nowadays there are very few programs that do that. Dual core can certainly help in this case, but you don't get double the output.
  5. I have been running D2OL project and dual core helps greatly. There is a D2OL benchmark program that times you for a small amount of candidates to crunch. If you run two instances of the test, you will get the same time down to seconds as if you are running only one. In other words, with dual core you can run two instances of D2OL and double your output, it is really 100% efficient. So technically you can't say X2 4400 is 4.4 gig, but when it comes to project like D2OL, it is.
  6. Umm, I kinda need to try that particular 623-2BTA BIOS to see whether it can improve my OC, and it's not listed there. On second thought, I am not gonna do it anytime soon, if there was no improvement in 623-3 nor 704-2BT, I doubt 623-2BTA is gonna do any good.
  7. I just download 623-2BTA.bin. Last time I flashed from 623 to 704-2BT I used winflash, but then my Win XP treated it as a major hardware upgrade so I had to call them to get my windows activation again. I don't want to call them the third time so I just wondering if there is another way to flash BIOS?
  8. Also for Vcore, start low, then going up only when u need it.
  9. Today I measured all the voltages on the board (I used Fluke 87V DMM) to see how they are same/different than in MB5 and Smartguardian (SG), and here's my finding: 3.3V MB5: 3.28 SG: 3.28 DMM: 3.36 5V MB5: 5.08 SG: 5.13 DMM: 5.18 12V MB5: 12.27 SG: 11.96 DMM: 12.21 ( 12V (2): (the second 12v rail on my PSU for processor power) DMM: 12.14 Vdimm is 2.89, both MB5 and SG say 2.83. Chipset is 1.71, MB5 says 1.68 and SG says 1.67. Vcore is 1.45, CUP-z as well as MB5 and SG says 1.39 In case you wonder how I measured the last three, http://xtremesystems.org/forums/showpost.p...31&postcount=10)
  10. get a twizzer and squeeze the tabs
  11. Well, even though my engineer career is short, I have not heard any passive or active components (resistors, caps, diodes, BJTs, opamps...etc) that can play Mozart. :shake: I am pretty sure AMD did not integrate a speaker in their processor.....imagine one day just before you go to bed a voice from your pc says: "you are hot"
  12. At your speed try to drop it to 1.475*104%, and drop your chipset to 2.6v.
  13. You have: CPU VID Control: 1.550v CPU VID Special Control: Auto Now, I don't know what Auto does, it is 100%? 104%? Because 104% is the lowest VID Special control option, so that's close to 1.6v. That's a bit too high, I suggest you to drop it lower. Also you are doing 2.8v for your chipset, unless your system is not stable at anything lower, u should drop it too. And can your Ballistix work without using a divider?
  14. Earlier this morning I downloaded D2OL (drug design and optimization lab) client to the two computers I have. My 4400 at 2706 simply rocks, period. When My P4 830 is finishing up with two candidates, the 4400 is already in the middle of the 6th candidate. Then of course some candidates need less time to complete. :nod:
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