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  1. 1. Thousand Foot Krutch - This Is A Call (3:47) 2. James Blunt - You're Beautiful (3:24) 3. Falling Up - Escalates (2:45) 4. Seventh Day Slumber - Caroline (4:06) 5. Overflow - Cry on My Shoulder (3:28) 6. Kutless - Ready For You (4:11) 7. Delirious - Inside Outside (1) (5:39) 8. Jeremy Camp - Take You Back (3:56) 9. Seven Places - Even When (3:52) 10. Hawk Nelson - Take Me (3:27) 11. Let There Be Love (5:11) 12. Sanctus Real - Closer (3:51) 13. The Afters - You (3:56) 14. Nickelback - Photogragh (4:02)
  2. I dont have any WD Raptor, but my brother has.. yah its loud, it sounds like a loosen truck bearing when full load.
  3. General Santos City, Philippines. Am I the only Filipino in here.??
  4. nothing this chrsitmas.. i think i gonna watch the controversial Paris Hilton Video "1 night in PARIS"..lol
  5. yah! very well explained. i go for ceramic..
  6. turning the indexing services really helps, about this thread i figure it out about this BAD_POOL_HEADER issue. the only problem is my HDD controller in my Windows XP SP2. now im using the OLD HDD controller driver found in the Windows XP SP1.. now! everything is working fine.. thankx alot..
  7. I like the Pilipino Foods. i.e: 1. "PORK ADOBO" 2. "Ginataang SUSI" 3. "Balanghoy ni bOY" 4. "INDAY Pudang"
  8. i have an add-on tv tunner card, a sound, and onboard-lan. ok, how do i disable this indexing services.. i have also problem with this indexing issues.. any tips or tricks to disable this one..?? thankx in advance..
  9. Blue screen occurs when executing winamp.exe ver 5.11 and below. in the blue screen says "BAD_POOL_HEADER". please help, i already reformat my drive, re install xpsp2 but still same error.
  10. ok guys, thank you for the undying support. more power!..
  11. ive already returned the drive for the 3rd time, rma. same problem, i dont know how..?? and y?? replace it with the same model. coz 7 days replacement is allowed only when you buy pc components and hardware here in the philippines. and strickly 6 months warranty only. my 1st hdd with the same specs, still thesame. crashes after a sucessfull shutdown. errors, chkdsk. chkdsk. and after bad sectros comes.. second hdd with diferent firmware version but same model. same problem. and today @ 2pm here php. i returned the drive, for replacement and i gonna get it this saturday.. coz out of stock!.. thankx.
  12. i already try maxblast and powermax and they do not remove the bad sector mark by the scandisk. is there any other tools or utilities you know can i use to remove that bad sector in my drive.. thankx.
  13. im sorry friend coz im a filipino, not very good in english.. scandisk test it and mark it as BAD..
  14. please help, is anyone knows how to remove a bad sector in my HDD. my OS suddenly crashes (reboots) and scandisk found error on my File allocation table (FAT). i try repartition, and reformating.. and after bad sector occupy's my drive.. help.. bad sectors can be remove.???
  15. i am an amd fan, my frend gave me his intel 2.4a prescott proc. any advice what mobo i will use for this 2.4a proc.??
  16. yahh! dats y some of the dfi boards sucks! "Do a search for that phrase and you will see a lot of stuff about it."
  17. conspiracy theory! look! THEY are watching.
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