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  1. THunDA - YOU the man Worked. Thanks a mill....
  2. THunDA: Thanks, will try and follow up later.
  3. THunDA: I definately read the guide. As per the instructions, I split the memory per Prime. I have 2x 1GB so I used 980mb per Prime. Should I set it a little lower? Im really doing this to stress and test the memory as I know the core is stable [12hrs Prime @ Small test]. Thanks in adv..
  4. I seem to be having problems when running the blend/custom tests with prime 95. When I run dual instances of the small tests, both CPU are utilized [task manager]. However, when I run Blend/Custom, only one appears to be fully used. I've set the affinity in Prime [one to 0, the other to 1] and set the appropriate affinity in task manager as well. X2 Patch has been applied, xp fix as well. I cant seem to get this to work, any one have any ideas or suggestions? I tried using SP2004 instead, and I keep getting page alerts, with the same results - one is being fully utilized, the other is not. Thanks in advance.
  5. How about my 7800GTX 256 :| + some change? No harm in asking right?
  6. 120GB Caviar SE, 7200, 8mb, IDE = $45 + Shipping 160GB Caviar SE, 7200, 8mb, IDE = $55 + Shipping 250GB Caviar SE, 7200, 8mb, IDE, Refurb = $75 + Shipping Drives work perfectly fine - I want to upgrade to SATA II.
  7. Hey - yeh its the PC CD version. I'll PM u shipping costs..Can u PM me your address?
  8. Selling the following for $25 US each: F.E.A.R. [2 copies/ working keys to play online] XBOX 360 VGA Adapter [to connect it to your PC Monitor] XBOX 360 64mb Memory Card *Price Change $20 US* XBOX 360 Wired Controller *Price Change $20 US*
  9. COD 2, CD ver. Star Wars Battlefront 2, DVD ver. $35 CDN each, incl shipping.
  10. K thanks guys - appreciate the input, I'll lower my settings
  11. My x2 can't handle anything more than 2.63 @ 1.475 + auto [0]. I also got an error with my 270 @ 1.50 + 110%, so I had to lower it down to 265 with the same settings. I ran dual Prime 95 for 6 hours and 5 minutes with 0 errors or warnings. Temps were at max 61 load [with both running] and is currently at 37-39 idle. Kinda hot here as the heat has been turned on in the building, as for ambient - I couldnt' tell yah at the moment. Im sure however, if was to game for a bit, it wouldn't go as high as it did with dual prime, or am I wrong with this assumption? As for cooling, that may be my alternative. I have the HSF in my sig, plus 3 80mm fans [1 intake/ front, 2 exhaust/ rear]. Maybe I should invest in better fans and a 4th for the side. I clean it often, dust etc... But i suppose you're right, for a .2ghz increase, its not worth it
  12. Well I finally managed to pull off 2.7, only thing is with dual prime running my temps are at 60!! I'm assuming this is due to DUAL prime? Do you guys think this is safe for 24/7 or should I just lower it to what my sig has? It's prime stable so far - super pi as well.
  13. Just a quick question for anyone that knows, is 3.0v too high for the ram in the title? I can run it stable at 263 with 2.8v but in order for me to get 270 out of it, I have to push it up to 3.0. Should I just settle with the 2.63 OC and leave it at 2.8? Currently at 3.0v it's perfectly stable.
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