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  1. Hi all, I'm planning to buy the HR-05-SLI and currently I'm using 7950GX2, will I be able to use it on my Venus board?
  2. I've bought a new Intel Pro 1000 MT Lan card and plugged it on my NF4-D, strange thing happened.... I cannot enter the bios setting page. Whenever I "Del" button on the keyboard to enter bios, the machine would stop at the page showing "NVRAID.... bla bla bla", even though I disabled RAID config before. What should I do?
  3. Ya I'm having the same problem as yours.... I've been using Opteron 170 (0534SPMW) on my old NF4-D. Together with my pair of Geil One S TCCD, I can make it to 310MHz at 2.5-4-3-5 and 300MHz at 2.5-3-3-6..... but on the Expert board, I cannot get it stable at anything above 260MHz even with 2.5-4-3-7 timings....... I don't know what's happening. I'm going to put my NF4-D back into the case.....
  4. I'm considering to buy Geil GOS1GB3200DC (TCCD) to replace my Gskill LA 1GB kit. Will I be able to get higher HTT with 1:1 FSB:DRAM?
  5. Anyone here with a Dual Core Opteron? I've got my Opty 170 and wanna know which bios best suits me
  6. Hi there Shankly! Nice to meet u here. I'll take a look. Thanks~
  7. I'm currently using 704 bios. I would like to ask whether this is the best bios for dual core Opteron. Any other recommendations?
  8. Sorry forgot to mention, it's the CPU temp. Well, I don't think the temp has such a huge difference coz that 5X'C in windows is during idle... by the way, during full load, the temp is around 54'C only (reading in Everest), so very suspicious :confused: So what tools do you guys used to check temp?
  9. Hi all, I find that the temp readings in bios is different from that in Everest, in bios the reading is 38'C while in Everest it's 50'C, which one is more accurate according to you guys' experience?
  10. hehe, just tested and it's the LE which cannot handle the high frequency..... after changing to LA, I can get 295 not at 1:1. Will try higher later :shake: Thanks for u guys' help~ Time to edit my sig now :nod:
  11. I've tried 2.8V, no go, don't wanna to give it too much juice Timing is 2.5-3-3-7. I've tried 2.5-4-4-8, still cannot gain any stability
  12. Hi all, I've just build a new system, details are in my sig. But sadly I found a problem that I cannot get the HTT to above 290MHz... The story is that I tried 260X10 before, primed no problem for whole day. So I decided to push it to higher HTT, 300X8. SuperPi 1M failed... Changed the ratio from 200 (1:1 ratio) to 183, no go. I tried 285X9, stable for prime again (at 1:1 ratio). Then I test for another hour, and find out 290 is the max stable HTT!!!!! What can I do to push it? By the way, I keep the overall HTT within 1000MHz.
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