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  1. I would be happy to send you my motherboard and VX so you can replicate the cold boot issue to your hearts content. This is not a fictional problem, theres about 5000 posts out there about it across hardocp, extremeoverclockers, bleedinedge etc. Not to mention the small army of them here. Let me know if you indeed would like me to send you the board and ram. If not its going back to DFI and OCZ respectively for replacements tomorrow.
  2. I have emailed DFI with my RMA form for my SLI-DR mobo with cold boot issues. Is this a luck of the drawscenario in that some are afflicted with the problem while others arent? I would hate to receive a second board with the same problems and have asked both Donna and Ricky at the San Clemente branch to help me in verifying that the board they send is a stable one. I am also RMA'ing my OCZ VX Gold to eliminate all possible avenues of problematic hardware. I see you deleted my SLI-DR Expert thread within seconds of my posting it, so I would simply be satisfied with your insight to the above question. Yes, I have searched, and found nothing.
  3. P.S. Angry_Games I know we've had disagreements in the past (namely the 939 OC DB) but would it be possible to have you take a look at this board as well for a second opinion if neccessary? I know you have a slew of rigs and some of them including VX with no issues, which is why I also think this is a board problem and not a memory problem. I think what im gonig to do is drop my dimms in my wifes pc tonight to see if it boots them. If it does I'll know quite certainly that its not a ram issue.
  4. wait till iget resultsback from Ricky at DFI, im sending him both my mobo and my VX to test together. he has an unlimited supply of boards to fry and i stringly feel this is a board issue and that the dimms are fine. If the dimms werent fine they wouldnt boot up at all ever. After my system has warmed up for an hour or two i can throw my second dimm back in and be OK. its when i unplug my PSU from the wall that i screw myself and dimm 2 starts giving me .. Unfortunately i have to take my pc to work with me, so i screw myself daily. I should also note that when i unplug my PSU from the wall, and unplug my second dimm from the orange slot closest to the CPU, i can boot just fine on the single dimm. But if i take THAT dimm out and try to plug the one in thats givin me crap it get the beeeeep again until the board warms up. Once I hear back from Ricky we hsould know definitively whether its a board issue or a RAM issue. I just hope its a board issue so I dont have to wait a second week on my OCZ RMA. BTW when I got home tonight i tried the 5v jumper setting method again and it didnt work, im assuming it was just coincidence and that my board had warmed up enough to allow the second dimm to boot. At least thats another theory we can layto rest. This is really nonsense. If a board replacement fixes this issue temporarily and then it pops up again im going to raise hell at DFI. I asked opinions of people before I even put this system together here and the consensus was to go with the VX ram. To have it not work now, and possibly cause problems in the future with an RMA'd board as well will not sit well with me.
  5. welcome to my world = except my RAM was rated for 3.3v stock and i still get cold booting.
  6. haha, just as a side note, i just turned 5v back on and tightened my ram timings, then popped the second chip in and it boots again. this board is making my head hurt >.<
  7. Well thebest way to know the truth to this answer is plug another CPU into the board and see if the problems persist. If they do its obviously a motherboard problem.
  8. Hehe while I can respect the jab at his folly Boppo, you know that his point is valid in terms of OCZ's RMA status on VX with SLI-DR's via the thread I started regarding cold boots. As for overvolting TCCD, its an innocent mistake, we have all had mishaps like this that we laugh at ourselves about now.
  9. sure enough, even with the 5v jumper in the default off position and 2.6v vdimm and 2-3-3-10 timing on my VX on a 9/10 divider and stock fsb etc, i get the BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. So the issue occurs when I unplug my PSU from the wall outlet after managing to get both dimms working again, which sounds a lot like the cold boot issue. However using OCZ's cold boot fix (regarding timings and ram swapping) I can still only boot with one stick of ram at any speed ratings up to 3.2v 2-2-2-6 (5 too, but unstable), yet with the other stick plugged in I cannot, nor can I boot with the single suspect stick alone in the orange slot closest to the edge of the mobo, or any other slot for that matter. This sounds so much like a cold boot issue, except that one stick will boot the system at all times, and the other stick will never boot the system alone, and sometimes only work with the other stick. Not to mention bios 623-3 was supposed to fix cold boots. P.S. I am working closely with OCZ and DFI to try and discover this issue as I know many of you VX users out there are experiencing similar issues. If we can make headway I will be sure to post results and methods here. Update: Ok I just spoke with Ricky at DFI tech support. I am not RMA'ing the board to DFI, but instead shipping the board and the RAM directly to him for testing at the San Clemente branch office. Hopefully with the appropriate tools and a week of my suffering without a PC, we can get to the bottom of this to discover where the problem truly lies and what solutions are available to fix it. I plan to mail the board to him tomorrowish.
  10. Dunno why it would surprise you that there are issues being discovered about this boards stability now that its been on the market long enough to accurately gauge it. Look a few threads down at my Cold Boot Thread for other issues with this board.
  11. Not really from my understanding. The cold boot problem is an issue of ram voltage not being applied properly at boot up after shutdown, but I could be wrong, and am certainly willing to conceed the possibility. However even if I conceed to this point, then there are two serious problems with the mobo instead of one, unless the cold boot issue is one that can be squarely laid at OCZ's feet. But I dont hear of other mobo's having cold boot issues with VX.
  12. Ok so are you guys ready to get REALLY confused? I reset my 5v vdimm jumperback to its non 5v setting... and guess what. both sticks of RAM now work again. What the hell is the deal here. With the 5v jumper on I failed memtest and prime left and right even at optimized settings one a single stick of my dual channel kit. I pop the jumper back in the default position and now both sticks run again, and are passing memtest and prime at 2-2-2-6 at 3.2v?! This does nothing except maybe get me out of an RMA mind you. I still think its total BS that I cant run my RAM at specification. I guess the real test comes when I unplug my system this afternoon and haul it to work with me, only to plug it in and get the memory beep of death again even with the reduced voltages. Heres to hoping at least that the poor folks at OCZ dont have to replace another pair of DIMMs.
  13. Oh it should also be noted that to correct the power fluctuation issues, the new "Expert" series SLI-DR requires an 8 pin EPS connector on your PSU. So in addition to shelling out 260 (current retail price) for this mobo, expect to shell out another 200 for a server end PSU that actually has an EPS connector like the OCZ PowerStream 600 LE.
  14. Well looking back on the whole thing, it sounds just a little silly dont you think? This is one of the most powerful overclocking boardson the market, yet it doesnt support 1 of 2 of the most powerful RAM vendors on the market (Corsair), and now issues are arising with one of OCZ's most popular and powerful RAM series? At this rate I might as well have bought a Dell system, since this motherboard is dictating my cookiecutter system specs anyhow, its like having a prebuilt system from a major PC vendor. Arent there ISO or ANSI specs that are supposed to stop this kind of incompatibility on computer hardware, if so is DFI just not following them? Or are they trying to create a new standard at the expense of their customer base.
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