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  1. Oh also, memtest is only there to test your ram and memcontroller, so if you are oc'n your proc, use super pi and prime95. Read the guides.
  2. Its quite simple can you do 2.6ghz on prime? You are trying to prime at 2.7 but you didnt tell us if you were able to prime at 2.6ghz or 2.5ghz on the same divider, some dividers cause problems. What you want to do is set a 1:2 divider, and dual prime test after a dual super pi of 2M passes on each core. So start from 2.2ghz and work your way up. Once you encounter a problem try increasing your voltage, and i dont recomend over 1.6v. And you cant simply say that the 3800 doesnt oc above 2.6ghz on air, its all about the steppings of the cpu, which begs me to ask what stepping are you running?
  3. What voltage are you running your memory at? Give us a full sys config data, all your timings (a A64 Tweaker Screenshot) and all your multipiers. Also what bios version you have on your SLI DR?
  4. I'll upload it when i get back home tonight to another site.
  5. I recently loaded the new bios that Merlin released for the expert, so you can run tccd at high clocks. I got it up to 300fsb with a 8x multi on the cpu and a 2.5x multi on the ldt. I run prime95 and super pi at all settings perfectly. But in memtest86+ 1.65 I get an error on test 8: Modulo 20 It occured at 235mb the first time. The second time it occured at 982mb address location. I was thinking it was the cooling on the first module, but the second time around convinced me otherwise. My settings are the same as this screendshot for the memory: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/attachment...14&d=1157730760 Any ideas on what to change?
  6. I am running the same timings on the ram as merlins screenshot. I put my ldt at 2.5x and the cpu at 2.4ghz (8x) with ddr600. So far real good, only complaint is I want water cooling so i can take advantage of pushing the cpu above 2.7ghz and the ram above 300fsb. But I love this bios, and for anyone out there who has tccd and the expert should jump on this bios. Make sure you cool you ram modules at those speeds, I got a 90mm at them. Thanx a million MERLIN, great bios......Now for some more prime95, oh and i got my 1million PI mark to 30sec !
  7. NOooooooooooooooo the link is down, someone mirror this, pleeeeeeeeeasse.
  8. I have been dying to get my Plat Rev 2's at 300fsb on this expert since i bought it...........Flashing right now, wish me luck......and that screen shot is a savior...Any hints Merlin? Come on tccd, show me the loving you gave me with the ultra-d
  9. I dont have any sales history to show, but i will get item verifiction up ...
  10. I will however grab my self a e6400, *also i can take requests for other intel procs..pm me
  11. YEa...right outta da factory...boxed..sealed...never oppened.....sitting here bc i cant afford ddr2 and a mobo.....So i am trying to be smart and selling it for my tuition money.....Maybe i should have sold only one.....2 late
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