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  1. did that, i was just trying to make my voice heard. Cooter
  2. I have had this problem on 2 different Computers: ATI X1600 Pro 128 MB + DFI Lanparty NForce4 UT D (the 623 BIOS) ATI X1900XTX + DFI Lanparty NForce4 UT Ultra-D (the latest November BIOS) For me this happens on the BIOS Screen as well as when i use the DFI Bootable BIOS CD. Is there anything I can do?? This has not effected me in windows yet.
  3. I am another user that is having the BIOS Splash screen problem. I jsut turned it off, i have not had any otehr problems. I would however like to find out what the cause of this is.
  4. I have used an 11 multi but I was still not able to break 2.8 stable. Maybe after I get all the bugs worked outta my current oc ill work on that one. the current problem is making making it so that Prime95 does not get a hardware failure on core1 after 7 hrs of running (no errors, just hardware failure????????). I lowered my HTT to 4 taht did not fix it and it is currently running at 1.55 volts instead of 1.50, if that works I am good to go!!!
  5. My 4800+ can only get up to 2.7 stable, that is SuperPi, Memtest, 3dmark, and kinda stable on Prime95 (long story). I can boot over 2.8 pry to 2.9, but no matter what I cant get antyhing higher the 2.7 stable. I have cranked up all the voltagesput more fans over the board, still no joy. Oh and this is at 270 x 10 Cooter
  6. Another thing you can do is check out systool. It has SuperPi already set up for multi proc systems.
  7. I am running an almost identical setup to you and I am maxing out at about 2.7 ghz stable. I can boot over 2.8 and pry higher but 2.7 @270 fsb is all i can get SuperPi, Prime95, and Memtest stable.
  8. You guys talk about the "benchmarks dont lie", i tend to disagree with that, but primarily for HD's and not other comptuer components. I regularly see ATA drives or SATA drives beat my Fujitsu MAS3735NP drive in all benchmarks but in real world i will smoke them.
  9. Ok, I jsut tried the said settings above and they worked for one stick in slot 1 (top yellow). As soon as I move that stick to slot 2 (top orange) the computer will not post. I am going to RMA the board.
  10. Sharp, Thanks for the suggestions, I am going to try them out. However Most times the computer will not even post if i clear the CMOS and then stick in both sticks of RAM, this leads me to belive the board is bad. If i cant get it running tonight i am going to RMA it. Thanks, Cooter
  11. I get the feeling that this is more of a motherboard problem then RAM issue, I am also having issues with the thing not wanting to boot even if it posts. And this is all with relaxed timings. Another issue that i am having: Should I have to clear the CMOS if i only have one stick of ram in and move it between slots. The way it is working now is that i can have a single stick go prime stable for 8 hours, if i move slots it will not boot, i have to clear the cmos the get it to boot. Or if i switch the sticks from one to another it will not boot. Cooter
  12. 1. I have tried both the orange and the yellow slots, tried the orange for the most part. 2. I am running 200 FSB for now 3. All the power connectors are plugged in. 4. The board should still boot even if they are from a different batch, most computers have no problem running 2 different brands of sticks, they simply revert to the slowest speeds and the lower memory size. 5. Also Most ppl out there taht I see runniing the same setup i am are running 1T. Any other Ideas?
  13. 1. As far as I know you can run 1T with 2 x 1 GB sticks, 2T is for the use of 4 Sticks. The problem here is that I cannot even get to the bios with 2 sticks to switch it to 2T. 2. Yes I am switching off my PSU when moving the sticks and clearing the CMOS.
  14. System is in sig. Here is the problem as it rolls out. I originally got the computer togather and had many issues getting it up and running (N4D704-1 BIOS). I ended up having to run the ram at 2-3-3-7 1T to be able to use it. If i would raise the CAS up to 3 it would not boot. I started to think that there was a problem with the ram so I tested it. I would get 1 error in memtest no matter how many times I looped it. So I then tested the sticks individually and found that I was getting the errors on only one of the sticks. So I RMA'ed the stick and I just got it back today. Today I stick in the new RAM (slots 2 & 4) and the system will not post. All that happens is that the power light on the case blinks. I reset the CMOS, still no luck. I then switch to slots 1 & 3, still not luck. I then go back to one stick, get back into windows and decide to try some different bios'. I flash the N4D623-3 BIOS (clear CMOS) and try it all over again, same outcome. I then try the 704-2BTA BIOS (clear CMOS) and get the same result. For some reason the computer just will not take 2 sticks of RAM. As far as RAM settings, I have tried all sorts of combinations, I have used the Optimized defaults, I have set them up manually in all sorts of combinations and still no luck. Does anyone have any other idea's that I can try? I am about the RMA the motherboard.
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