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  1. Pretty sure the power supply will hold up with onecar. But I'm wondering if I actually have the power to run two? I don't really know much about power calculations or how combined loads work. Current PSU 12v breakdown is here Thats, what? 34A between both cards?
  2. I read a while back here that the new 9600gt needed a full 16x lane. The sli-dr i have, according to the dfi website, has two 16x lanes that run 8x bandwidth each. So, whats the verdict? Anyone know if a 9600 will work? What about two?
  3. I think i misused the term post. BSOD after appears while windows is loading itself. sometimes before the windows welcome screen, sometimes after, sometime with it spouting errors about registry backup. After massive restarting, I put the problem down to windows, got a new hard drive, and am now in the process of transfering files. (I needed a new one anyway. I'm pushing my luck on eight year old maxtors) Rig appears stable. Hasn't crashed once since new os, running optimized defaults, and the new bios(2006/03/29). Smartguardian puts the CPU temp @ 53C. Only complaint I have right now is the onboard audio isn't working(drivers, likely), but its minor because the discount compusa liquidation soundblaster works fine. Thanks for the advice. If you don't mind, I've some more questions. Smartguardian(v2.03) shows that DDRVTT at 1.16v, displayed red. I know that red is bad, but I don't know what to do about it. I'm a complete noob with the bios. I mean, I know how to change the clock and boot sequence, but I stay away from stuff beyond that. Are there any settings I should be paying attention to, or making work a certain way? (like the ram timings Nate mentioned). Right now its 'load optimized, hope it works'. Stability testing. I've heard programs such as memtest, prime95, 3dmark and cpuz mentioned, but never really used them. What should I be doing to make sure that everything is running properly?
  4. Right. Swapped my Athlon 64 3000+ out for an opteron 180(replacing the TiM with AS5), following advice in another thread, using the optimize defaults, clear cmos, swap processors, optimize, reboot. I wasn't able to uninstall the acpi uniprocessor, because the uninstall button was greyed out. It did, however, update to multiprocessor after a reboot. The problem is, it windows BsoDs(Irlq_not_less_or_equal) now that I did the 'you've changed your hardware' restart. Windows does, however, boot. Sometimes it crashes right after the welcome screen, sometimes after programs start loading. Occassionally, i get several moments to do stuff before it dies. Safe mode is slightly more reliable, but still suffers. I'm thinking overheating might be a problem(as5 has a break-in period), or perhaps a bios update is in order. Some googling suggested the new opteron wasn't getting enough juice(I think my power supply is sufficient. maybe a bios setting?) I'm open to suggestions now, because I'd rather not have to reinstall windows. update: more BSoD errors Stop: c0000135(Could not locate component) vct3216.dll was not found
  5. Worked as advertised. Unfortunately, one restart later, windows is crapping itself trying to recover junk(and yammering about suddenly not being genuine microsoft). While it does reach the basic loading screen, i get a BSoD with "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" About the only thing I did do is apply some AS5 instead of the default thermal goo. Any suggestions?
  6. So. New shiny opteron in. I noticed the fan has a 4-pin fan connector. Same colored/placed wires as the 3000+ fan, plus a fourth yellow one. Unfortunately, there's a transistor blocking the CPU fan header. using a second fan header, the fan doesn't spin past power on. I've a questions: What is the yellow wire for? Where should I plug it in instead? Is the non-spinning because the chip is cold? Or is the chip going to fry itself if I don't setup the fan temp controls properly?
  7. I'm in pretty much the same boat, as well with an sli-dr and an opteron 180, but I'm running windows XP instead. Is the procedure the same for XP, or am I going to have to reinstall with that OS?
  8. took some time to shop around a bit(sorry for the necromancy). So far what i've managed to come up as options are: opeteron 180(185 out of stock) I'll likely be going for the 180, but I noticed something odd. the opteron 175 is slightly more expensive. There's no appreciable difference on the statistice page to justify the price, so I turned to google, which suggested the 175 is an awesome overclocker(which i know nothing about, but I'm interested in learning). What do you guys think about 180 vs 175? edit: Cooling. I'm currently running a stock 3000+ fan/heatsink(with as5), which works out great now, but my case has crappy cooling. Since opterons apparently run hot, and its a dual core, should I be looking at an aftermarket heatsink?
  9. Pardon the rookie question, but. This post, bottom picture(not linking it cause hotlinking is bad) Those white patches on the case sides, the ones holding cables? What are those called? And is there a good place to get some?
  10. Thanks for the replies. Took a closer look at the 64's vs opterons. How much of a difference does the extra L2 Cache actually make? Also, half the hypertransport seems like a bad thing. Is that actually the case?
  11. I'm looking to upgrade from my current single core to a dual core, since 939's are cheap now, and I've a few questions. I've been browsing newegg lately, and noticed the opterons are more expensive, but actually available. Actually, pretty much the only thing available for 939. First: Will the board I have actually support an opteron? Second: What do the opterons have over the Athlon 64 x2's? Pros or cons appreciated. Third: Any suggestions for replacing the 3000+ are welcome. I'm still kind of new at this. edit: If I do end up getting an OEM processor, can I clean off my current heatsink/fan and use that, or will I need a new one?
  12. Well, i certainly DO need this psu, or anything better than the thermaltake in my system now. The problem is, being a not-exactly-rich college student means I've got to hunt for deals. *sigh*
  13. Yes, exactly! Finally some help! I'm not quite sure you understood, so let me clarify. All the connectors are 4-pin molex. The ones i put down as 3-pin are actually 4pin with only 3 of the 4 pins in the connector. Same goes for the two-pin connectors on the fan controller. I have a hardcano 9 w/temp sensor that came with the thermaltake case. @stock, stable comments: Hit the nail on the head. Exactly why i find it amusing, even though i'm probably going to be running stock due to my noobery. @david: yes, some of us have to budget our computer money, sonny. If truth be told, I thought that psu WAS 24pin, and a couple of other techy sources said so, too...Until the thing showed up. Had i known, what do you think I would have done? As it is, i'm stuck with what I have. @everyone: are you all going to comment on my noobery? I've done my best to explain my problem, and I get a bunch of (mostly)snotty one-liners for my trouble. Would it be to much to ask for someone to get of their high and mighty I-built-and-overclocked-the-leetest-box-evar horse and help a noob? No offense meant to those who meant well. Problem: Chaining the connectors in the proper order. I could attach a set of fans, psu connector, and fan controller 6 different ways, and have no clue which way they ought to go. Not a problem: PSU. I'd run into this problem no matter what psu I used. Not a problem: Connectors. ALL connectors involved are 4-pin molex, some have varying amounts of the metal pins (2-4) when you look into the connector. If you need more information related to my question, please ask.
  14. Yes, I know my psu doesn't meet with official approval, but unless you're willing to sell me a working psu for about $20-35, please dont throw that quote at me, i've seen it. A LOT. Fan help, anyone? Please?
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