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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to make sure. I also have led1 and led6 always working, is it normal? (was recently rewiring the rig, changing fans etc. and afterthat - began to see these 2 lights. Not sure if they always were on and I just didnt see them behind the cablesm , or maybe something is wrong) Thx 4 the clarification
  2. motopen1s


    Crysis will have 2 modes to run: DX9 and DX10, you would be able to switch it in the game menu. Another good news is that recent scary bench from chinese guys, where Crysis is running on quad core Intel with 2x 8800gtx and 1x phys-x card with like 20 fps or - is not what the situation will be. Developers are saying that the game is being testet on all of the variety of hardware and people will enjoy game effects "on even pc that are 2 or 3 years old". So, just as Angry Games said - there is no rush in upgrade. I am still thinking though that to have eye candy even @1280x1024 - something like 8800gts would be more prefered. Anyway, the good news is that Crysis basically will run on XP and that what the developers say. p.s. I've heared another story about Alan Wake though recently. Seems like this game is developing only for xbox 360 and Vista (to make it cheaper)...
  3. I have Evga 7900gt Superclocked version (was 550/1500 stock). Without the voltmod, I can run it at 568/1740 with no artifacts (in atitool or 3dmark05). With fx-60 @2808, I got 10096 in 3dmark05. Want to go for 1.4 mod and see what the score will be then... Seems like w/ VF900 it is something I should really do .
  4. I would recomend to first of all update bios ('Tmod's CD' would make it almost for you - search the forum for it) and then format the drive and do a clean windows install. Get latest dual-core drivers and win xp hotfix (all the links you can find here on the forum, just use search). Latest nforce4 drivers for mobo as well as latest forceware also... After doing this - you should have no problems . Benchmark a litle (3dmark 2005 etc.) and compare your results with others (with similar rigs). When I had 4400+ I overclocked it straight away to 2.4, without even rising the vcore (test for stability thought)... going to 2.4 made a noticable perfomance boost ...
  5. I had a problem installing Dual Core optimizer on my x2 4400+ setup. Basically after I installed it - windows did not even boot up. It was a previous version of it (seems like they updated it), but in any case - I would recomend to do a backup before installing it. If you 'google' dual core optimizer, you will see that I am not the only one who had problems with it. It is recomended to install it only when you have problems with games anyway and it doesnt effect the regular work on pc (well, in my case it did ... Dual Core AMD driver is a must have of course... Together with Windows Dual Core patch it was more then enough and I had 0 problems with any games. Just back up the system before installing DC Opt. to be safe (Acronis saved me few time already), it wont harm you anyway
  6. ... I had x2 4400+ but after the prices on CPU's droped recently I decided that it might be a good idea to max out the 939 socket as I can - so I got fx-60. I believe that you can find it for ~400$ now. Its a lot, like pretty much very a lot . I just thought that lets say 2.85 for that chip is not a problem with tight RAM and air cooling... Thats what I plan to ran now in fact... Sometime later on, when I will recover after such a money drop in my pocket ^^, I might get good water cooling and push it to 3gHz (I guess after gpu upgrade because cpu will not botleneck at 2.8 for a while anyway). Dunno if my decision was wise, but I dont regret it anyway . It seems like getting some nice mobo + core 2 duo + RAM would cost more anyway for me (CPU upgrade costed me 250 Euro basically) and I dont see the need in such upgrade now anyway. What I can say is that 4400+ is a wonderfull chip and I heared that the latest cores overclock to ~2.7 with ease. If you will make it stable @2.7, then the upgrade will be worthwhile for sure in my opinion. You will feel the difference )...
  7. ok, good, I guess I just stay with windows formating )... Just wanted to be very sure that I will have like the cleanest windows install posible, so I could just make a nice 'Acronis True Image' image, that I can use any time I need to...
  8. Well, I did the flash procedure actually straight from the Tmod's CD, that is - before the flash I didnt do anything (just loaded optimized defaults in my old bios). I did the CMOS clear procedure exactly as it is on the picture in the Tmods' CD aswell. Will try to follow 'RGONE's long CMOS clear procedure' (need to find some ps2 kboard) after flashing the bios one more time. I looked for the 'pre-bios-flash' state in the forum but didnt really find anything... Will give another try to KillDisk after new flash. If that would not work, then just a standart Windows NTFS format... Thanks for the answers... will post later if the KillDisk would work or not...
  9. Hi everybody... After flashing the BIOS, I decided to format HDD using KillDisk that may be found on "Tmod's Bios Flash CD & Utilities"... I used the latest ISO image for him and my current BIOS you may see in the sig... I unpluged my storage SATA drive (320 gb) and want to format the main 150gb drive. When I try to ran KillDisk from Tmod's CD, on the black screen (DOS mode), I have just the line 'A:killdisk.exe' and nothing happens. I try to press 'enter' or anything els and the systems seems like hanged (the k-board does not respond). I looked at the official website and operational screenshots looks like the procedure should look differently (the way those zeros are written). I've downloaded the free version from the site (both the ISO image and the floppy version)... The floppy didnt work since somehow the pc simply didnt boot from it (in BIOS the first boot device was floppy drive + I created the flopy as said on the KillDisk homepage). I had some problems with ISO image to... That is the CD would boot, I will chose the KillDisk from the options, but then the whole screen begin to blink with pretty much the same line all over it (white line on black font, with the 'code' or something similar that should appear during format with KillDisk I guess, however, the computer seems like hangeging and doing nothing... the line is the same and just flashing and it says something similar to 'error to format or so' (another word at the begining of the line)). I did the CMOS reset as said at 'Tmod's CD'... I have a USB kboard and thought that it could be the problem, but its support turned on in BIOS and in fact I can go around all the menues of 'Tmods CD' etc. with no problems. I thought about using some other Formating Utilitie and I found that on 'Tmod's' there are some that may be used to format it, however I didnt found luck with any of those, simply not finding the right option in any of the utilities to format... Any help is stongly appritiated
  10. thanks, Tmod ... now I will do the update with no worries
  11. One more question on these two bioses. For now I have the version of the BIOS that I got with my board and ran my 4400+ previously with. I upgraded to FX-60 a week ago and figured out that it does not support fx-60 (pc is still working though). I've read all the recomendations on how to flash bios etc (will use Tmod's v8.5 CD), but I am not sure if 704-2BTA supports fx-60 (found in the posts that its based on the version of the bios that was written specially to a member of dfi-street (Tmod I think) by dfi engineer...). Since 0406BTA is based on the latest DFI bios (2006/04/06), then it obviously does have support for fx-60, but seems like more people prefer version 704-2BTA. Which should I go for in my case? Thanks in advance...
  12. Thanks for such a fast reply! So, when I will overclock, which max temps can I have with that second core? ... I guess I still shouldnt cross 55°C with it, or? ... its just that I think that this CPU2 temp would limit my overclock badly... I am not sure though... Should I still try to reinstall the heatsink maybe or that would not help? ... :confused: ... Also one more thermal question. As far as I know 55°C is a temp you shouldnt cross, especially if you are running 24/7. Right?
  13. Hey guys, just installed FX-60 (look sig for info) and experiencing some strange CPU temps. Basically, Everest shows that CPU2 runs hotter then CPU1 more then 10°C idle! Idle temps are: CPU: 29-30 CPU1: 24 CPU2: 38! My question is - could it happen because of too much thermal paste? (I put quite a bit Artic Silver 5) or what is going on? Seems like CPU1 runs even a litle cooler then it should, when CPU2 runs way too hot idle. When I launched two instances of SP2004, the temp on CPU2 jumped to 50°C pretty much straight away (and this is on stock!) Could such a thing happen because of bad instalation or there could be some other reason? p.s. I am running a clean windows xp sp2 install w/ AMD Dual-Core Optimizer (nov 2006), AMD Dual Core Driver ( ... but I doubt that it can be a software problem anyway...
  14. well, thats the temperature is the main question. The thing is that Smartguardian shows one temp, when everest 2006 another. In fact, the difference is that everest has 3 cpu temp (CPU - which is generaly the lowest and then temps for each core induvidually). Here is what it shows when I pumped up the vcore to 1.5v (in bios) and have fsb of 237: - both utilities shows different temps (SP2004 CPU stress test is running to heat it up on max). According to Smartguardian - I am running fine... but Everest 2006 reports that 1st core reaches 54°C! (when CPU is @41°C) ... thats gets me confused. I am pretty sure that at 1.5vcore the cpu would manage to do even 240fsb (x11=2640)... but would the temps be still fine? ... Currently, running at 237fsb, 1.5vcore and 1.8vram - my cpu temps are 28°C both reported by everest and smartguardian, however CPU1 in everest shows to be 29°C, and CPU - 33°C... Please help me to get rid of this temperature confusion
  15. Hey guys, I have a question for you... I finally started to overclocking my rig after half a year having it (just changed 'fsb' to 218 straight away though). So, here is what I have now: running memory at 2.5-3-2-6 1T (1:1) @2.8v., I've managed to do 237fsb (x11), but SP2004 would fail in 7 hours with 1.45vcore. When I raised the vcore to 1.47 - it was stable for more then 24 hours SP2004, but then it failed. Here is the screen: http://img165.imageshack.us/my.php?image=stresstest1ak3.jpg. Now I am running @235fsb (2585mHz) and keeping the vcore to the same 1.47v. First question is: if the SP2004 fails even after 30 hours - the pc is not stable, right? ... Should I try to raise my vcore to 1.5v and try running it at fsb237 (or even 240?)? What concerns me is the temperature, since Smartguardian didnt report anything higher then 39°C, but Everest2006 has some separate temps for each core, which actually rose till 51°C max. I would like to ran the cpu at full 2.6 and the memory at 1:1, with 2.5-3-2-6 preferably (and seems like there is no problem for it to do so). I am planing to run the system close to 24/7... You can look at my signiture for the specs I am @ now and all the other hardware used... Thanks in advance ___________________ DFI Lanparty nF4 SLI-DR AMD X2 4400+ (Rev. JH-E6, 235x11=2585, 1.47v) Thermalright SI-120 + AeroCool XtremeTurbine 2Gb Corsair CMX1024-3500LLPRO @2.5-3-2-6 1T 1.8v EVGA 7900gt (Manuf.OC @550&1580, ForceWare 91.31) Creative X-FI WD Raptor 150 (primary) & 320gb WD Asus CB-5216A & Asus DRW-1608P2S Enermax Liberty 620 Gigabyte 3d Aurora WinXP Pro SP2
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