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  1. Hmm, make sure you have your optical drive in the secondary IDE channel. Mine was giving me similar problems. Or it may be a corrupt boot.ini Check computerhope.com for info about fixing your boot
  2. Alright, so I switched my Dvd burner over to secondary IDE and put a different hard drive in primary IDE. Somehow I screwed up my boot cfg or something for my raid drives though. So I got windows installed, up, and running fine, nvidia raid sees my stripe just fine and computer management sees the drive as 150 gigs, but in windows it only shows 10 megs and none of my files are there. Is there something else I need to install, some driver or something to get my files off my raid? Edit: gonna try installing service pack 2, only have sp1 in right now. Maybe that has a fix.
  3. I activated sata raid because I have an sata raid setup. 2 WD's. I'll post specifics tomorrow, going to bed. It's not the hard drives, though, cause I tried an ide clean windows install and it wouldn't work. Gonna talk to dfi tomorrow. Hopefully I don't have to rma it, cause I hate messing with mobo installations.
  4. Yeah, I tried 1 stick, 2 sticks, one stick of different ram. Different slots. All the same, my memory was fine with my other mobo on default settings. It's so weird, cause it doesn't hang, just immediately restarts.
  5. Ok, so I got tired of messing with my NF3 Ultra (the one everyone quit sellin) and decided to get rid of it, so I went ahead and ordered the UT nf4-d and an XFX 7800gt. Well, I had it all set up, ready to go, when I realized my psu was only 20 pin. So I went to staples and picked up the antec smart 500 watt psu. Installed, everything plugged in, ready to go. Boots up, no problem. Activate SATA raid in bios, still no problem. Haven't had any problems with posting at ALL (unlike nf3). So wait for it to go into windows. It doesn't, it restarts. Hmmm... Ok, so I move memory around, try some other sticks I have, still doesn't go into windows. Move the vid card to the bottom PCI-E slot. Still nothing. I can see microsoft down in the bottom corner right before it restarts. Thought maybe it was the sata or raid, so I put in a different hard drive and tried to install windows on it. Seems to load all the files fine, but after restart, says there's an error in setup files or something and can't go into windows. Oh, I also flashed it to the 623 or whatever bios on dfi's site. I can't figure out for the life of me what it would be. Won't go in safe mode or normal mode or last good config that worked. Plz help.
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