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  1. Both cores get there voltage from the same spot, therefore they get the exact same voltage.
  2. Not sure on room temp, in my basement so not hot, but comfortable. And yes Stock Typhoon. Also I tried to take the screws off the top to get the fan off but the star pattern is really shallow and the screw driver keeps slipping out. I don't want to push down to hard and damage the CPU...
  3. Or you could just use Stress Prime 2004 since it's 100 times easier to run on both cores.
  4. I don't know of my Temps can get much better (this is at 1.55vcore) But I'll give it a Try
  5. Are you Overclocked? Some component of your system is not stable, or is getting to hot...
  6. with my x2 at 1.5vcore I idle around 20 and full load at 38...
  7. Is it a squeak or a high pitched whine? Try changing the refresh rate on your monitor.
  8. If it never crashes for everything that you do than who gives 2 crap if it fails prime? It's stable for you, thats ll that matters.
  9. When you first boot up your chipset fan is running at full speed, hence the noise. Once the software has a chance to load it brings the fan speed down.
  10. What makes you think your running a multiplier of 20??
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