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  1. Does anyone know of any utilities that I can use to monitor my CPU temp. I have tried: MDM 5 However, I don't see my board revision in the drop down list of DFI supported boards. Mine is 661FX-TML. Is there a different name for it that would MDM is looking for. SPeedFan It doesn't support the Motherboard/CPU either, so I can't tell the temperature. (as per AceGoober) Hardware Monitor http://us.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Driver/HWM83627-W2K3.zip This gets me an error 'Winbond chip not found" when I try to run it. So, any other ideas? Thank you in advance.
  2. Do you remember the brand name of the ones you used or better yet where you got them?
  3. Would I be able to get a S/PDIF bracket from DFI's RMA Dept too?
  4. Anyone have any experiences with these? http://www.jab-tech.com/ConnectorZ-90-Degr...ue-pr-2308.html My Optical drives are slightly too long to fit in my Aspire X-QPack case with an Enermax Liberty 500W PS. I was thinking about trying these out and wanted to see if anyone has had any opinion on them. Thank you in advance.
  5. I'm thinking PS is the problem too. There are many negative reviews my PS. One of the problems I face though is finding a PS that isn't too long (the Aspire PS is a little smaller so one can fit optical drives in the case too). I've done a bit of research and it seems that the Enermax PS is a little smaller too and gets good reviews. Question #1: will my DFI mobo support a ATX12V Ver 2.2 PS ? Question #2: What does SLI refer to ? Question #3: Based on the load I want, (2 hard drives, 2 optical drives, 1 floppy drive, onboard video & sound) do you think 400W or the 500W would be sufficient? http://www.enermaxusa.com/catalog/product_...&products_id=81 or http://www.enermaxusa.com/catalog/product_...&products_id=83 Thank you in advance, you are very helpful.
  6. Still no joy, PC still reboots at random. Is there anything in the BIOS that can cause this?
  7. I already have downloaded and installed MDM 5. However, I don't see my board revision in the drop down list of DFI supported boards. Mine is 661FX-TML. Is there a different name for it that would MDM is looking for. Or, a different utility. I have SpeedFan loaded too, but it doesn't support the Motherboard/CPU either, so I can't tell the temperature. I suspect the CPU temp sensor in the case isn't working as it always says 25 C, the HD temp sensor fluctuates. Where is the best place to attach the case CPU temp sensor (specifically, like "in the thermal paste, etc)? And, No, I don't do ANY overclocking. Gah, rebooted again. I unplugged everything but the (1) SATA drive. I've seen some poor reviews about this PS, but this is ridiculas to think that (1) Hard drive would cause too much load to make the PC reboot as if a power failure. *Edit* Ok, I've removed stock Intel heatsink and fan and installed a: Thermaltake Jungle 512/Socket 775 CPU Cooler More airflow in the box than a wind tunnel now, but at least the CPU temp lead is reporting back now 12 C. Seems to low to be possible. Hopefully, someone can point me to a application whihc will work for my board which I can cross-check the temp reading with. Thanks.
  8. My PC reboots constantly for no reason, even when just in BIOS (so I ruled out driver issues). I have disabled windows auto restart in XP. My case has temperature readings on the front. My CPU lists 25 C (never seen it fluctuate) HD 37 C (fluctuates) It's a 420Watt PS, you'd think it'd be enough. However the person I bought the motherboard from warned me that the PS might fail under a load of 2 HDs and 2 CDROM drives. Is there a utility that can check the temp of my CPU? Is my PS not sufficient? Is there some sort of voltage settings in the BIOS that can fix this? Thanks in advance.
  9. Walt, And where exactly is the digital out, or S/PDIF-Out I/O connection on the back of the motherboard? All I see is Mic-in (red) Line-in (blue) Line-out (green) Is the S/PDIF-out something separate that I have to buy and install? When I was playing around with the audio utility it let you specify what you want to use Line-out for, couldn't I just tell it to use digital output coming out of line-out? Sorry to sound like a newb. Servers I know, it's the PC peripherals that bring me to my knees. *Edit* It looks like the line-out of the Creative Sound Blaster Card (green) line-out supports S/PDIF too, which explains why the (green) cord going to the 2.1 speakers works on the (green) line out connector of the sound card.
  10. I have a integrated sound RealTek AC'97: Audio AC'97 2.2 extension compliant codec S/PDIF-in/out interface 6-channel audio output Question 1: What does the 1 S/PDIF-in/out connector on the motherboard connect to (if anything, I'm guessing CD or DVD ROM). Question 2: I have a digital speaker setup (Brand Boston 2 speakers w/ subwoofer, digital audio in) that works with a Creative SBLive! PCI sound card just peachy. I would however like to use the onboard audio for sound. There are (2) audio driver versions on the website: http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/dri..._FLAG=A&SITE=US Revision 3.64 and Revision R3.73a I've tried both and neither worked (using the green line out from the back of the PC to the digital line in of the speaker setup). Any ideas would be appreciated. As I said, slapping the PCI Creative SBLive card in works, but I'd rather use the onboard if it can support it.
  11. Ok, I've bought a 250Gig SATA drive which the SATA utility recognizes in BIOS before booting up. I never got utility/driver CDs with my motherboard and I am doing a RIS install of XP. Could someone point me to the correct drivers that I need to make XP recognize the RAID controller so I can install XP on this new drive? As it is now, XP tries to load but it can't find the SATA hard drive so it doesn't think there are any hard drives attached. I have made sure SiS Serial ATA controller is enabled in BIOS. Within the RAID utility I get this: Disk 1 Maxtor 6L250S0 233GB UDMA 6 Single Also how can I get it to use all 250 Gig instead of 233Gb ? Thank you in advance. At this point I'm only trying to put the 250Gig SATA drive and a CD ROM in the PC. ****Nevermind, got it to work using this info: http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t30890.html
  12. Western Digital Caviar SE WD3200JD 320GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache Serial ATA150 Hard Drive Motherboard: 661FX-TML Is there a minimum BIOS level to be able to boot from a drive that large ?
  13. Will this motherboard support this processor? (processor supports 64 bit) Intel Pentium 4 630 Prescott 800MHz FSB 2MB L2 Cache LGA 775 EM64T Processor
  14. I do not have any 775 CPUs around. Is it possible to RMA this board?
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