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  1. hit another roadblock it seems. Windows wont load above 328 htt. So while I pass occt fine at 1.45v at that speed, as well as a few hours of prime i did for quick testing, its a no go at anything above that. Think its time to take the chip out now.
  2. ok thanks a bunch Abs and Thunda. I went ahead and switched to the orange slots, and put all my memory settings in that I had written down. I had gotten them from other people who run TCCD. Good news is that im at 9x325 passing OCCT fine, which is a big improvement from before, gonna try to get this stable with prime before going higher.
  3. as far as the memory timings, there all on auto. I have the settings I usually use, but I put them back on auto, for the new chip. I just didnt think the memory could be the problem, I mean its running at 207fsb with the 133 divider. As far as the memory slots, I am using the yellow slots, but for some reason on this particular board it liked them better than the orange. Remember with my last chip I ran it at 10x290 with the 166 divider at 1T, I could do 1T 1:1 up to around 270 with this ram without a problem, could not do that with orange slots. I will finally get time to setup my system with the epox board tomorrow, will report my findings. Also I have some of that cheap Patriot TCCD stuff, but i doubt I will use it, its the 2-3-2-5 stuff.
  4. 133 divider. and 2T. 1t doesnt like this setup for some reason. I did run 1t without a problem on my 146 (10x290 with 166 divider) 2.5-4-7-3 I will try this chip in an epox 9npa+ ultra soon (bought for a relative), but my watercooling kinda makes things take a bit longer than usual.
  5. been using a 320gig SE16 WD Caviar believe its called 3200KS on this mobo with no probs, booted up fine, installed windows fine, can change bios settings fine. using C19 bios
  6. I recently got a 144 CAB1E 0614 BPBW. (yesterday) Anyway, been overclocking a bit today, and the chip seems really good. I mean better than my 146 0540 CABYE, which I thought was reallyyy good. Im currently running 9x320. I have been sitting here at 1.4ish volts. if you know this board you know how it acts. I dont know if its 1.4 or 1.425 so ill say something in the middle. it passes occt fine, did a few hours of prime fine. now I want to climb up to 3ghz because it seems possible. But having trouble. Windows will blue screen or restart itself above 322, no matter what voltage I give it. Now with my cabye, that sucker would load windows at 3050 no problem, but it was like many a opterons in that it could only get stable around 2900ish. so with my previous experience it tells me something is up, and possibly the board is the problem. How high have you gotten with this board? oh and also I cant change the htt multiplier to 2. so its at 3 right now. could that be my prob too? Running C19 Bios
  7. heard that 7/11 is best with venice, try that one. should see an improvement
  8. im using it. to me no real difference from 8/24
  9. my advice- toss. aint worth the trouble.
  10. i will share my experience. First off I use WinFlash 1.51 to chance bios. it really is a simple procedure to do. You first open it up, check UPDATE ALL, also check clear cmos. then you load the bios, then hit update bios. and that is it. I will also say the only problem I have encountered is that, upon initial boot after changing the bios I will have no problem booting up and getting into windows. Yet when I try to change anything in the bios and save it the PC will not boot ie..(no post). to fix this, for some odd reason, I need to bring the CPU multiplier down to 8. once I do this I start to be able to change and save, and be able to boot afterwards. Also I believe everyone recommends the 8/24 bios for opterons. I am using this with my 146. I got a noticeable improvement with it so im sticking with it.
  11. mine died, recently too as I check on it every so often. Just put another fan on it, used superglue. dont care to get a new hsf for it as money is tight right now. oh and I wouldnt worry about no fan on it, I mean it looks like you live in NORWAY! so id say you good to go just about any day of the year.
  12. hmmm. like i posted before I only get instability in the orange slots. once the rams in the yellow slots 1T is fine.
  13. Where did you purchase from? Would like a 146 myself. it will probably work fine. someone in the sticky thread mentioned they had an opty on an nf3. I wouldnt flash unless I had problems booting with it. someone over at XS said monarch might have them friday.
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