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  1. i have been having the same problem ever since i got my board late last year, everything is fine in SC, but takes 3v to be even remotely stable in DC, rmad my old ocz gold bh-5s and they sent me the new mesh heatspreader ones and still same thing...at least now its game stable at stock, if not prime stable. sigh, shame no oc cause i wont till its stock stable, but i jsut dont have eny more energy to mess with it right now...but mobo gonna have to come out soon anyway cause the nb fan is dying going grrrrclunkgrr. gonna try this new bios and if thats a no-go take the opportunity to try another proc and my proc on another board and rma the culprit
  2. here you go: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6798
  3. does the memory voltage work past 2.8v as well? all the way up to 3.3 or whatnot?
  4. also a set of bga ram-sinks included with the RF, so u are not just paying for the plastic grille shield thingly
  5. all it means that the result of the calculation your computer made does not match the known good and confirmed result, somewhere along the way a bit of data went bad, either got switched from 1 to 0 or vice versa or jumped the tracks all together
  6. the oem fan is crap, mine went after less than 3 mos too, so many posts about it over the YEARS that you figure DFI would dump their crappy nb cooler supplier and get a new one (like evercool) that makes decent coolers using quality fans by now...no nee for xpensive copper and lights, bet they would be almost, if not as cheap in the large amounts dfi buys. ..the cheapest fan on my cheapest mobo lasted longer
  7. Good to hear winflash worked Thunda, I too lazy to hook floppy up myself, question: are you using 64bit editions of XP and Prime95?
  8. Any word on this BIOS getting added to T-mods utility CD? I gonna play with adding it to the iso wehn i get home.
  9. Congratz on your toastie!!! but i'm confusered....ive seen this before and now i have to ask.....is your board a LP REV_A or a LPB? i thought there are just two versions of the nf2 board; the original LanParty REV_A, which i have, only has one sata port, and ram voltage only goes up to 2.8v; and the LanParty B with more sata and ram up to 3.3v........ if you are able to run the bh-5s at 250 you must have the high voltage Lanparty [rev]B right?... i've also seen other people refer to a "lanparty b revision a" in one breath or in their sig.....is there such a thing? are there actually alphabetically named revisions (vs numerically) a and b of the REV_B board? is there anyone out there with a "lanparty b revision b"?
  10. Expert has pci slots extra wide apart for big coolers, if you want 3GHZ you will be better off with a 939 pin opteron tho.
  11. it's a venice with a good cooler, jsut set it to 10x250 and test for stability, and bump the voltage, test, bump,test, mine will boot 10x250 at stock voltage (1.4v), but takes 1.525-1.55 to be prime stable. ..and what Thunda said
  12. ...this would be helpful if I am try'n to shoot it, or want to know if it was a friendly ball or an evil ball LOL
  13. it sounds like the proc/board/ram are stable but your video sub-system is not. do you have your vid card overclocked? if so, back of a bit, if not, it may be unstable cause of heat, make sure the heatsink is clean, and try running with the case open and some air moving down there.
  14. koolance also makes low-pro blocks http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=32931
  15. i noticed a chipset temp drop with my silencer as well
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