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  1. This system seems to be undervolting the cpu by .02 V according to the bios
  2. what voltage are you running your ram at? Sounds to me like your memory is unstable. I would find out what the max voltage your particular ram is rated for and set it to that in the bios (You have to set the cpu voltage first). Then run memtest for a while.
  3. I remember reading somewhere that the psu's with removable leads perform slightly worse than ones hardwired in due to extra resistance or something. I've used an Enermax psu for almost 3 years now with no problems I think you were just unlucky. If I were buying a new psu now I would be tempted to buy a PC Power & Cooling one if I could find an online retailer in the UK who sells them.
  4. I rememer a Dell at work slowed down once so it took 10 minutes to boot up and ages to to anything. All the diagnostic software type stuff couldn't find anything wrong. I re seated the ram in it and it was back to a "normal" level of slowness
  5. Hmmm I wonder if my problems are down to my power supply. I didn't know about the whole 480W minimum thing before I bought it. I wish I had done more research now. Still it is only like 30W short and there's not that much stuff for it too power. My friend is not going to be happy with me if I tell him he has to buy another psu so it would be nice to know for sure first if it will fix it. I guess that isn't possible though.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply, didn't think about the overclocking section as I just want to run this board at stock. Funny how that appears to be so difficult. Well I changed some settings and now I can run memtest with one stick of ram only at 2-3-3-6 @2.8 vdimm. I guess I should try more juice next. I see all of the systems in the oc datrabase are at 3.4v and are 2x256mb only so it's kind of like apples to oranges.
  7. Hello, This system won't do anything except get into the bios. Installing windows is out, and if I try and run memtest86 from a CD it restarts the system straight away. I have updated the bios to 23 - 06 -05. I'm just trying to run in Single channel mode atm so I have 1 dimm in the orange slot furthest away from the cpu. I guess it is the memory causing problems, could someone running GeIL Utra X BH5 post there memory config so I can try it. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do? Thanks in advance. Reapsy. It turns out it just needed the vdimm set to 2.9V It's fine now in Dual Channel mode with 2-3-3-6 timings.
  8. Thanks I got a bios cd and now am running the latest bios.
  9. Ah if only windows would install I would indeed do as you suggest.
  10. Hello, I just got the parts for a new pc build for my m8, it's the first time I've ever used a DFI board. I can't get windows installed atm I get blue screen errors during the install process early on looks something like this : A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. Anyway so after reading a bit on this forum I discover maybe I should have bought the OCZ ram (it was like £65 ($100) more expensive though!) Oh well hopefully I can get it stable with the GeIL. Ok so I know I should really update the bios as my bios version is 01/25/2005 but my friend decieded he didn't want a floppy drive. Which leaves me with a bit of a problem how can I update the bios without windoze or a floppy drive? Some kind of bootable CD with dos on it I'm thinking can anyone of you guys help me with finding one or making one? Also are there any settings in the bios i should be changing? all I have done is set the cpu voltage to 1.4v and memory voltage to 2.7v. There are so many options in there to change it seems a little overwhelming. Cheers, Reapsy.
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