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  1. try leaving your ram speed settings on auto. I assume your trying to tweak them before you even get your system stable. I would clear cmos, load optimized, save exit then reboot into bios and load what you need to boot WITHOUT touching genie. I see a lot of posts on this forum about boards not booting after a hardware change and that's why optimized defaults exists. Get the board running, then there are some tools to get those ram timings like Rightmark Memory Analyzer for one to see most of your spd's. In any event, to try and set ram timings before you even boot and get it stable is not the best thing to do.
  2. Trying to run that cpu at stock voltages at those speeds is causing your problems. That is an easy one to see. Try increasing your vcore. If it is the "HE" it's rated to 1.5, if it's not I believe its rated to 1.4. You may also want to leave your ltd/ht set to auto as the opterons are only 800Mhz HT. Again, I know many people who have oc'd the 146's and 170's to amazing speeds from 2 GHz but it takes more voltage. Funny it even booted without vcore bump. It's amazing your running 2.5 at stock voltages. In any event, you say you are experienced, then experience should have taught you that oc'n typically requires more voltage. You did that to your ram but not your cpu. GL
  3. You need all 4 power connectors plugged in, your manual shows it. The vid card has it's own power connector. It's 6 pin and most the time black on psu's. If you don't have one you can use the one supplied with the card, just don't run the 4 pin connectors off the same line to the power supply. Use different lines to the psu for each. The psu plugged into the wall?
  4. try this within windows. much more sensative and will detect errors that memtest at boot will not, not even prime. get 1600% coverage and your memory is ok. http://hcidesign.com/memtest/download.html checksum errors if i remember correctly is a corrupt bios
  5. goto mushkin's forum and message zebbo. the redline, 512's are known to be problematic with dfi mobo's.
  6. When you are clearing bios are you following the recommended procedure? pull power pull battery reset jumpers to clear wait 10 mins, hit power button on computer to get rid of cap charges reset jumpers put battery in put power in boot to bios and load optimized , save , exit. boot to bios and set your rig up NEVER use reloaded when you flash to a new bios
  7. Run HCI memtest in windows. Its better than memtest at boot. Runs within windows and is way more sensative. Get it here; http://hcidesign.com/memtest/download.html got 1600% coverage and ram isn't the issue, but if you have even 1 error then ram is.
  8. I think 2 led's is video make sure your card is seated properly. Don't be afraid to push down on it to seat it. You may also experience some problems with your ram.
  9. You may have blown a fan header or 2!, however, just plug a small 80 into them to test them. If you did blow a fan header it won't hurt the mobo. Always use 3pin or 4 pin to the psu for fans. Pana's and Delta's draw way too much current.
  10. what he means is this, when you pulled the slot cover off the computer, the back of the computer, so you could install the card, if you look at the metal part of the card, the area towards the back of the computer, u will see a half oval or circle on the edge. There is a corresponding hole on the computer case. Much like screwing in a hard drive, that screw is there to hold the card in place.
  11. Just run the .exe, driver cleaner I only use for video drivers. Have never had a problem with chip drivers. If you want, prior to install you can del them from control panel.
  12. Ease, It won't hurt to update them to 6.7 if you don't know what version you have. When you install them though, only install chipset and smbus. Do not install the ide drivers, the firewall, nor the net management services. They are known to cause troubles.
  13. If those are realtek drivers you can get the latest on realtek's website here, http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads...8&Software=True You then need to goto control panel and configure your speakers in Sound Manager. It over-rides winblowz settings.
  14. 1. Your PSU is under-rated. You may want to look at swapping it out sooner or later. To run the sli boards you should have at least a 480 watt psu @34amps. 2. You probably cooked your ram. You wouldn't be the first. The VX and the Redline (512) ram are notorious for frying. It's poor voltage regulation at the 4v jumper. I would just rma it. GL
  15. Doesn't sound like a ram issue, just do a clean reformat and install at same time. The install files are loaded temp not perm and it's not wise to load a hd with another hw config onnit. As a matter of fact use the max for a backup drive and go get a sata, your computer will suffer horribly from an old drive !!
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