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  1. see, thats all I needed to know, (: Thanks, and I will try not to flounder about so much any more!
  2. Ok, tried the reset trick, cmos clear, battery out, 15 sec, 15 min and over night, still the same thing, 3 leds on the board and the power light on the case just continues to flash at me continously! Also moved out the ram, moved one stick into the orange bar, DIMM2, and still nothing, disconected everything else as well, same thing, I have ordered a new power source via the egg, but the manual said with the componets I have 380 should be enough, at least to post or boot. Guess I have that to try next, any more guess's? Thanks
  3. Wanted to make sure it would be one to fit in the case with no "more" problems than I have already! Heading out in a bit, hope to get to the bottom of this tonight! Seems as if this is an on going problem with quite a few folks, PSU or no Post for whatever combination of reasons...
  4. Ok, I was leary on the PSU anyway, order one, and no idea on the bios, I can't get that far, no screen. So whatever came with the Mobo is what is on there.
  5. Good to go, and thanks,and I hope the info is in there now!
  6. No, since it never booted, but I will give that a try..tonight
  7. Amd Atholon 64 3000+Venice 1GB OCZ platinum 3200 DFI lan party Ultra Antec Case w/380w True pwr 6600 GT Put together as directed and advertised, after all power connections (4) put in place, hit the power, no Post, no screen, 3 red leds on Mobo, and the power light just flashes continous on the case. Only thing I can think of is not enough power possibly. Any suggestions?? I already reseated RAM, switched CPU, checked jumpers, unless there is something that has changed on the directions all of the jumpers are at default for now. I have seen some mention of 24/28 power connections, is the Antec power supply different from the mother boards connection? At work right now and I can't check and the Computer is in peices there anyway! (: Thanks
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