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  1. I don't know to be honest. I've tried XP x64 for a couple of weeks now and have found it to be very stable and I have not experianced anything bad about it either. -k0nsl
  2. You did not answer which memory slots you were using. I can personally not use any slot besides 2 / 4, even at stock. But the 2 / 4 slots are working wonderfully. -k0nsl
  3. I have experianced the same issue with some nVidia drivers (I cannot remember which version). It's just a driver issue and it happens when the driver is initialized, when it is loaded. -k0nsl
  4. It is normal because this is what happens when it initializes the driver for your ATI based videocard. -k0nsl
  5. SysTool works great and is said to be reporting accurate temps and values on the RDX200 and other DFI boards. It can be found at http://www.techpowerup.com/ -k0nsl
  6. Does this occur right before the Catalyst Control Center trayicon is loaded? If yes, then it is very normal. -k0nsl
  7. Why would they replace your CPU if you damaged the pins? I doubt very much that they would. -k0nsl
  8. Its called artifacts; it happens because the card cannot handle the requested clocks or because of heat issues. -k0nsl
  9. I can also confirm that my board has this problem. Everything else is fine, except for these boot issues. I am using the latest beta bios. -k0nsl [edit] Yes I have had that problem a couple of times. How to solve? You just have to reset untill it starts again; in my case I had to reset about 8 times to get it back. I felt like a medic giving a badly hurt guy the shock-paddles over & over. [/edit]
  10. I have to use a older version of Everest because the newer versions appears to be causing my system to reboot. This, by the way, has happend to more people than myself. I'm using version 1.51.195, pretty old. The "Ultimate Edition" of Everest will cause a reboot aswell. The memory most likely ran at 250-260, but I am unsure. I forgot to note that! The next time I'll try to be more methodical. -k0nsl
  11. Hi! Thanks. The temperatures never exceeded 35C according to Smartguardian which reads from the onboard sensors, and we know how reliable those are... I will invest in a probe to see exactly how high it is loaded. I can also say that the water was not very warm at all. The waterblock is making perfect contact. -k0nsl
  12. Below are my initial results with the DFI RDX200 CF-DR. I never bothered with tweaking the memory much, will focus on all that later. Right now I was mostly interested in seeing how far I could push my 3200+ on this motherboard. A Opteron 144 is coming my way tomorrow or so. Incase somebody still hasn't seen the DFI RDX200 CF-DR here is a picture of it: Excuse me if some of the pictures are large! Here is another picture with the board mounted in the case: I took a couple of other pictures while mounting everything but they are unfortunately lost, besides, would it even be interesting? Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of the matter. Overclocking. The highest HTT I could obtain without lowering the multiplier too much was 322: At 322HTT my memory latency in Everest was acceptable: To my dissapointment this CPU is "only" capable of 2990Mhz The SuperPI time is almost 30s: To see if it really was stable I primed it for 16 hours, with no failures: Maybe it is possible to squeeze out more from this system after a little bit of tweaking. I suspect so. This is my first ever AMD based system; please be gentle with me! -k0nsl
  13. Should I use the included graphics driver in that package together with my X1800XL? The icon in the system tray looks like a very old version. I can't change any settings either when using the graphics driver in that package [image quality, clock settings etc,.]. -k0nsl
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